How to choose a smartwatch

A smartwatch is a device with a computer and a display that performs many functions. Typically, such watches work in conjunction with smartphones: they receive calls and answer emails and messages. Some models are used as a wireless headset for talking on a smartphone. Smart watches have a square or round shape, an electronic or analog … Read more

Smartwatch selection rules – TOP useful tips

We live in the era of smart gadgets; literally, every household appliance in our house becomes smart. Even ordinary wristwatches have turned into smartwatches. Content: Is a smartwatch a functional device or a fashion accessory? Useful functions in smartwatches that will come in handy. What is the difference between watches for women, men, children, older … Read more

Choosing a smartwatch: what to look for?

Since Apple announced the first smartwatch in 2014, the industry has taken the industry to a whole new level. Sometimes it seems that every gadget manufacturer these days considers it their duty to have a smartwatch in stock. It isn’t easy to choose something specific from a wide assortment. We have compiled a simple guide … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of Huawei Watch GT

In 2019, Huawei announced that it was not worth waiting for new products on the smart gadget market in the near future. Later, the executive director addressed the public and said that his words were taken incorrectly and new gadgets will be presented a little later than expected. And so it happened, a couple of … Read more


BENEFITS OF USING A SMARTWATCH We live in an era of prosperity of information technology, in an era when any owner of a mobile phone can access a huge amount of information in a matter of seconds.With your mobile phone at hand, you can check your email at any time, upload photos immediately after taking … Read more

Should you buy a smartwatch?

Opinions about buying a smartwatch are often divided. Some consider such a device to be a senseless analog of a smartphone, while others find their advantages using a gadget. general information Smartwatches have become quite a popular gadget. A smartwatch combines the function of a regular watch and the capabilities of a smartphone. Initially, the gadget was invented … Read more