Buy the Best Smartwatch in 2020

The Smartwatch is now so widespread that almost everyone, if not already has, has a friend who has and wants to buy her too. That’s when we come across dozens of models, of many brands, formats, and prices, which can make the search for the best smartwatch a little difficult. That is why we decided to make a definitive … Read more

Why should you have a smartwatch?

The use of a smartwatch is increasingly common in the day-to-day of those who are connected to technology. Smartwatches, or smartwatches, are one of the most common items within the wearable category, the “wearable technology” that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with the arrival of the internet of things in … Read more

The 10 best smart watches for playing sports at home

One of the accessories that allow you to know the physical activity performed daily is the SmartWatches. These devices, thanks to the sensors included in the interior, are capable of detecting different sports practices that are carried out quite efficiently. If you are looking for a model to go to the gym or play sports at home, … Read more

How to choose the most cost-effective smartwatch in 2020


The smartwatch, or smartwatch, is a wearable, that is, a wearable technology. Focused on the practice of physical activities, the gadget provides information related to health and quality of life. The device also displays notifications received on the smartphone. But there are numerous models of smartwatches, each with its technical specifications and features. To find the most cost-effective … Read more

Smartwatch: Which are the best of 2020?


Suppose you have decided that this is the time to buy a smartwatch but do not know how to choose the best model, welcome to ReviewBox Brasil. Through our complete shopping guide, you can safely make your purchase at the end of this article.A smartwatch is an extension of the smartphones on our wrists. An … Read more