Best Smartwatch 2020: See the 10 Best Smart Watches (Samsung, Xiaomi and more)

Smartwatches – or smart watches – are essential devices for those who like to keep up to date with new technologies, and want to explore different ways to increase productivity and maintain a more regulated life. With the smartwatch it is possible to receive notifications and access smartphone features, check the heart rate and also see the time! It’s too much!

There are great smartwatches on the market, but how do you choose the best among brands like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi? In this article, we have prepared a guide with essential tips to help you find the ideal smartwatch model. And, in addition, we made a ranking with the top 10 best smartwatches to buy online. Check it out and enter the world of smart watches now!

Why Are Smartwatches So Interesting?

Although smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years, many people are still unsure of the real benefits of using devices like these. These wearables perform some functions like the smartphone, however, smart watches can work independently of the cell phone.

The great attraction of the smartwatch is its versatility. In addition to being used as a wristwatch, it serves as a complement to the smartphone to check notifications and access apps. It also has resources for body monitoring, for monitoring health and physical activities. Some amazing functions are the apps themselves, sensors for payment and others that you will know next.

How to Choose the Best Smartwatch

It is important to know what a great smartwatch should or should not have as a feature. So take a look at the compatibility with the smartphone, all the functions and features available. Also evaluate the screen, battery life, the possibility of changing the bracelet and water resistance. By following these tips, we guarantee that buying a smartwatch will be even easier!

Check the Operating System Compatibility with the Smartphone

Smartwatches are equipped with their own operating system or with one of the three main systems on the market: Apple’s watchOS; Google’s WearOS; Samsung’s Tizen. It is recommended that you choose the system that is most compatible with your smartphone and that you have all the apps you intend to use. Apart from Apple, other manufacturers offer connections to iOS and Android.

But, it is worth evaluating the most suitable compatibility for its use. For example: watchOS is exclusive for those who already use an iPhone or want to have one, as it was made to be used in conjunction with Apple’s iOS system. Meanwhile, Wear OS is very comprehensive, being compatible with any iOS smartphone and especially Android – since it can be linked to a Google account.

Finally, Tizen is ideal for those who own a Samsung smartphone, as there is integration with the brand’s Galaxy line. That said, know that without the Tizen system on the smartwatch it is not possible to extract the full potential of applications such as Samsung Health, native to Galaxy devices.

Before Purchase, Check the Main Functions Offered by Smartwatch

It doesn’t make sense to buy a smartwatch that doesn’t deliver the notifications you need most on a daily basis, or that doesn’t detect that specific exercise that you perform so often, does it? So, you need to spend a few minutes of your time and check if the chosen model is in accordance with the following points.

Notifications? Choose according to your use

If you want to be able to check your notifications without having to whip out your smartphone every single time, make sure that the smartwatch you plan to buy displays notifications. Most models have this function, but it is not always well used by the manufacturer, who chooses how often the notification is delivered, as well as whether it is possible to interact with them on the smartwatch itself or not.

In other words, look for a simpler watch if you only need notifications related to calls, messages and emails. In case you need something more complete, the most robust watches tend to display all the notifications seen on the smartphone screen, and allow you to answer calls or answer messages on the smartwatch itself!

Pay for your purchases without having to take your wallet out of your pocket

Several smartwatches are already able to make payments with the simple gesture of approaching a credit or debit card machine (through the NFC system). Through services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay (which are already available in Brazil), you will not need to take your wallet out of your pocket or even your smartphone. It is very practical on a daily basis!

Manage Your Health with Body Monitoring

If you want to feel healthier and have better results in your diet, look for a smartwatch full of body monitoring features. Health management functions generally include items such as: heart rate meter, exercise monitoring, calorie expenditure meter and sleep management.

In addition, in newer and more robust smartwatches, you can even see sensors dedicated to measuring the user’s blood pressure – although it is very difficult to find a model capable of doing so. Oh, and, you can even accurately monitor the menstrual cycle in certain models of female smartwatches!

GPS is Useful in Daily Life and Sports Practices

You don’t know the city well or are you traveling a lot? Luckily for you, many smartwatches already have integrated GPS to assist with daily commuting anywhere. It is much simpler to check your pulse every time you are in doubt about which direction to go. Therefore, this is a very useful resource for those who usually get lost in new adventures.

Racing and other sports enthusiasts also love this feature, as another advantage brought by GPS is the recording of their movement. That is, you can check on your smartphone, later, which route you took on that walk or run that did you so well.

Like music? Assess whether there is storage space for this function

Some models of smart watches allow you to save music on the device itself. Apple smartwatches have the most internal memory, however, Samsung’s also support a certain amount of music. Assess whether the manufacturer indicates the music player as one of the functions of the smartwatch!

1.3 Inch screen or + for those who like bigger watches

There are two formats of screens: round or rectangular. Check your style, after all, the screen size should not be so big that you feel uncomfortable with the smart watch. For those who are used to larger traditional watches, between 1.3 and 1.5 inches is great. The more discreet people prefer with less than that!

The screen resolution of the smart watch is excellent in OLED, AMOLED and Super AMOLED technologies, the most used in these devices. TFT screens have a lower resolution, but are only used in more basic clocks. You should only pay attention when using it, because the longer you switch on the high-resolution screen, the more it consumes battery!

Prefer Batteries with at least 12 Hours of Continuous Use

When choosing a smartwatch, remember that this is a device with little space available to attach a battery. Don’t just look at the battery’s mAH capacity, but also at the estimated duration of continuous use. Most models tend to last at least half a day of constant use (12 hours), ideal for those who can recharge during the night.

If it is not your case, opt for watches that have longer use time. Some smartwatches can switch between different battery modes. That is, you can use them in advanced mode and in battery saving mode. If you don’t mind turning off some sensors and battery saving features, it’s a good idea to have this card up your sleeve.

Choose Models with Replaceable Bracelets

Some smart watches allow quick exchange of the bracelet, as long as it is compatible with the smartwatch model. This feature not only ensures that you replace a worn or dirty bracelet with a new one, it also allows you to have a bracelet for every occasion. You can wear the bracelet you like best, aligned to your tastes!

Still on this merit, it is worth remembering that the bracelets can have different colors and even materials, such as silicone, nylon, leather and metal. You can choose the one that best suits your style and that offers you the most comfort. It is a great advantage that the smartwatch strap is replaceable!

Smartwatch Must Be Water and Dust Resistant, Choose Options IP68 or +

It is very difficult to find a smartwatch that is not minimally resistant to water and dust. Still, you need to be aware, as some models stop working when they come into contact with water. To avoid this, check whether the terms “IP67”, “IP68” or “ATM” are present in the product specifications. They indicate this type of resistance.

The acronym “IP” is always accompanied by a two-digit number, the first number (from 1 to 6) being the indicator of the level of resistance to dust and the second (from 1 to 8), the indicator of the level of resistance to dust. Water. The higher the numbers, the greater the resistance – that is, IP68 certification is the most suitable.

There is also the ATM standard, specific for water resistant watches. Smartwatches with 5 ATM can withstand up to 50 meters in depth, passing over the mark guaranteed by the IP68 certification – which only guarantees up to one and a half meters deep for up to thirty minutes.

Top 10 Best Smartwatches to Buy Online

Now that you know how to select the best smartwatch, check out the products available on internet stores. Check out our ranking below with the 10 best

Cheap Smartwatch, but for Basic Use

Starting our ranking, the Bakeey D13 is a little known smartwatch in Brazil. In addition to being super cheap, it also delivers items such as a step meter, heart rate meter and sleep detection. Compatible with Android and iOS, this smart watch shows notifications for calls, messages and social networks.

However, don’t expect more than that, as the proprietary system of this model tends to be limited when compared to other models. With IP67, it is resistant to dust and water at depths of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Finally, the battery of only 100 mAh should be enough for users who are less demanding or who will use the smartwatch sporadically.

Operating System / Compatibility Owner / Android 4.4 and iOS 8.4

Functions Call notifications, messages and social media, take

pictures, heart rate, steps, sleep and exercise monitoring

Screen Size / Type 1.3 inch / TFT Battery / Autonomy of use

100 mAh capacity /- Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable

Water and dust resistance IP67

The Large Model, to Exude Elegance

This is the perfect smartwatch for those who like big watches, with a 1.49 inch screen, it offers style and elegance. The replaceable bracelets allow you to further personalize the smart watch, in addition, there are dozens of hour displays configured on this smartwatch, you can change to the one you like best!

The functions are more basic, such as body and exercise monitoring, GPS location and only notifications of calls and messages. As it does not have so many features and is expensive, it is a smartwatch for those who can invest in the style of a large watch, even if it is limited in functions.

Operating System / Compatibility Owner / Android 4.4 and iOS 9

Functions Call and message notifications, heart rate, sleep

monitoring, exercise and GPS

Screen Size / Type 1.49 inch / AMOLED Battery / Autonomy of use

– / 14 days Bracelet Polycarbonate / Replaceable

Water and dust resistance 5 ATM

The Xiaomi Smartwatch with Long Battery Life

Xiaomi’s Amazfit Bip smartwatch has gained ground in the Brazilian market by guaranteeing a large screen and practical sleep monitoring features, heart rate meter and even GPS / GLONASS sensors. This is a very affordable option for those who are not looking for a premium experience, but want quality for monitoring activities and receiving notifications.

The battery life is incredible, it’s 45 continuous days. But, the waste of innovation in design is visible, which resembles the Apple Watch. When compared to other more expensive watches, this one that is waterproof is due to a more robust construction. Still, this Xiaomi smartwatch is ideal for anyone looking to start wearing the wearable.

Operating System / Compatibility Owner / Android 4.4 and iOS 8.4

Functions Screen Size / Type 1.28 inch / –

Call notifications, messages and social media, heart rate, sleep monitoring, exercise and GPS

Battery / Autonomy of use 190 mAh capacity / 45 days in use

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance


The Cost-Benefit Option that Brazilians Love

If you don’t want your smartwatch to cost as much as your smartphone, but still want the first to be packed with features, the best option is the Xiaomi Amazfit Verge. With a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen, the watch features 11 sports modes and even water and dust resistance with IP68 certification.

Although the device has an average battery life of 5 days – 390 mAh capacity – it does not deliver the same experience of using similar premium models. In addition to not having all the sensors and resources on the market, it is also owed in the integration with the monitoring application.

Operating System / Compatibility Owner / Android 4.4 and iOS 9

Answering calls, reading messages, taking pictures, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, payments via NFC and GPS

Screen Size / Type Functions 1.3 inch / AMOLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 390 mAh capacity / 5 days

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance


For Athletes on Duty

Raising the bar, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Sport smartwatch arrives with the promise of monitoring the user’s fitness. See how many calories you’ve been consuming out there, browse between messaging and phone apps or even pay for your purchases through Samsung Pay. There are several possibilities of use.

To interact with the device, you use the 1.2 inch screen of Super AMOLED technology with high pixel density. This display is purposefully smaller than the others in the category so as not to disrupt the active life of an athlete or enthusiast. It is a wearable ready to face any exercise, even if it is in the water.

Operating System / Compatibility Tizen / Android 4.4 and iOS

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, payments via NFC, GPS, music and Samsung Health

Screen Size / Type Functions 1.2 inch / Super AMOLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 300 mAh capacity / 4 days

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance


The Union Between Classic Visuals and Technology

What if you could have all the benefits brought by a smartwatch, without sacrificing the appearance of an ordinary wristwatch? With a classic look, the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier delivers high performance and a wide range of sensors, for different functions in body monitoring and functions. The only downside is that it does not have as much resistance to diving into the water.

The battery, which is 380 mAh, promises to last up to 4 days of constant use, one of the highest rates in the category. Meanwhile, the 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen is slightly larger than the sport model mentioned earlier. This is a great option for those who want to stand out in style and, especially, have a lot of features on their wrist.

Operating System / Compatibility Tizen / Android 4.4 and iOS

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, music, payments via NFC, music and GPS

Screen Size / Type Functions 1.3 inch / Super AMOLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 380 mAh capacity / 4 days

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance

IP 68

Affordable Apple Watch Version

Because it is not the latest generation, the Apple Watch Series 3 is in a very attractive price range, especially for the type of user who already has an iPhone in hand. This smartwatch does not connect with Android, however, it can be used independently of the Apple smartphone, since it can be paired with your number through the operator you have contracted.

Of course, it will be necessary to connect with the iPhone to run some native functions, however, this versatility of use is already very positive. With numerous types of bracelets sold separately, this model can be easily configured as a female smartwatch, in addition, there are exclusive functions for women such as menstrual cycle monitoring, a great advantage!

Operating System / Compatibility WatchOS / iOS 11

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, payments via NFC, GPS, music, health and emergency SOS

Screen Size / Type Functions 38 or 42 mm / OLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 18 hours of autonomy Bracelet

Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance 5 ATM

Discreet and Resourceful for Professional Athletes

Designed not to cause any discomfort for extremely active and discreet people, Galaxy Watch Active is the smallest version of Samsung’s latest smartwatch. If you meet this profile or just want something very simple on the outside, this is one of the best options available in Brazil. Although small, this is a very powerful smartwatch.

Able to indicate breathing exercises or meditation in times of stress, integration with the Samsung ecosystem offers many advantages, especially with the use of Samsung Health (health app). The Galaxy Watch Active has a discreet 1.1-inch screen and several types of bracelets for men and women who like smaller watches.

Operating System / Compatibility Tizen / Android 4.4 and iOS

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, payments via NFC, GPS, music and Samsung Health

Screen Size / Type Functions 1.1 inch / Super AMOLED

Drums 230 mAh capacity / 45 hours Bracelet

Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance 5 ATM

The Best Smartwatch for Android Users

Current flagship of Samsung in the category of smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch BT has versions with screens of 42 mm (gold and black) or 46 mm (silver). The robust housing makes it a more suitable watch for those who don’t mind carrying a little more weight, in exchange for more resolution. The 1.3 inch display (in the 46 mm version) has Super AMOLED technology.

Oh, and, this beauty can identify six main types of physical exercises without having to select them manually. It’s all automated and integrated with the Samsung Health app. Listen to music, make payments and explore all the facilities of this great Samsung smartwatch!

Operating System / Compatibility Tizen / Android 5.0 or iOS 9

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, steps, sleep monitoring, exercise, payments via NFC, GPS, music and Samsung Health

Screen Size / Type Functions 1.3 inch / Super AMOLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 472 mAh capacity / 45 hours

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance


The Most Complete Option on the Market

Able to know when the user falls and call the emergency if necessary, the Apple Watch Series 4 is certainly the most complete watch on the market. In addition to the “fall detection” sensor, the smartwatch also brought with it an impressive novelty: the ability to perform electrocardiograms, something unprecedented until then.

Suitable for iPhone users with money to spare (or simply veterans of the brand), this recent product from Apple has a screen 30% larger than the previous version. Without a doubt, this smartwatch from Apple is the fastest and most complete on the market. With it you have in easy reach the main functions of body monitoring, productivity and entertainment!

Operating System / Compatibility watchOS / iOS 12

Answering calls and messages, heart rate, electrocardiogram, steps, sleep monitoring, exercises, payments via NFC, GPS, music, health app, fall detection and emergency SOS

Screen Size / Type Functions 40 or 44 mm / OLED

Battery / Autonomy of use 18 hours of autonomy

Bracelet Silicone / Replaceable Water and dust resistance



Choosing the ideal smartwatch just got a lot easier now, didn’t it? The secret is to understand your own needs, to define which functions are important for your daily life and to base yourself on them when choosing. Every smartwatch can be adapted by the bracelets, to create more feminine or masculine models, therefore, it caters for all tastes!

In this article, you learned from the cheapest smartwatch, to complete models, with dozens of functions. If you liked a model, buy it now. And if you know someone who is looking for the best model of smart watch, share this article with that person. That said, don’t forget to come back here whenever you have any questions about smartwatches!

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