Buy the Best Smartwatch in 2020

The Smartwatch is now so widespread that almost everyone, if not already has, has a friend who has and wants to buy her too. That’s when we come across dozens of models, of many brands, formats, and prices, which can make the search for the best smartwatch a little difficult.

That is why we decided to make a definitive and practical guide for you to know how to buy the best smartwatch with all the information possible to acquire a smartwatch with more assertiveness. Cool huh!

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Like any successful line of products, the smartwatch watch line started with few models with few functions and gradually expanded.

Today, for you to buy the best smartwatch to make the most of what it can offer you, first you have to identify what you are going to use it for.

I say this because, with the growth of the market and sales success, there have been many models for all tastes and many uses. Watches are more focused on health monitoring, models focused on sports, others focused on connectivity, and so on.

In this article, we will answer the main questions we all ask when thinking about buying a smartwatch. We will show brands, models, and which are the best selling smart.

We will list the best-rated smartwatches by those who have already bought and so you can buy yours without any fear of making mistakes.

So come on?

NOTE: Let’s start with some questions that you may have in mind and during the article, we will put purchase options for you to decide. At the end we will put the largest selection of smartwatches you have ever seen, so you can buy yours today.

The best smartwatch on the market

This question is not easy to answer, because each person has a personal preference and different needs. Then we will have to explain a little more about the super modern and current smartwatches in the next topics.

After several explanations and important information that you should know before choosing your smartwatch, we will list great models for you to buy yours today, without fear of making mistakes.

So let’s start!

What are the main brands of smartwatch?

Today you will find dozens of smartwatch watch brands and other models to choose from, several of which are already familiar and well-known brands in the electronics market.

Smartwatches and their main brands

Smartwatches and their main brands

Other brands are not as well known but have amazing products, high quality and high technology, and you could easily take them into account when buying yours.

There are also “generic” brands, usually from Chinese manufacturers, and of very dubious quality. This is the trap you can fall into and lose your hard-earned money.

Some of the main companies on the market:

Xiaomi (mi)Garmin

But there are many others that you can learn more by clicking on the link just above.

What should I take into account when buying my smart watch?

First, you’ll have to answer a few key questions to arrive at an intelligent conclusion:

  • how much can / wanna spend on that purchase
  • what purpose – how will i use my smartwatch
  • your favorite brand

You will also have to identify the real reasons that are leading you to buy your smartwatch. So we will separate the watches by buyer profile below, that is, the reason why you want to purchase yours:

  • Fitness Smartwatch: I need a sports watch model because I’m going to use it in the gym or doing some physical activity;
  • Fashion Smartwatch: I want a fashion model to wear in the club and show that I’m in fashion;
  • Healthy type smartwatch : I need a smart one that monitors my health so that I can control some habits;
  • Money for Me Smartwatch It’s not a Problem : I want to have the most expensive, most modern and most power in the universe, because I want to be noticed wherever I am, whether in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, New York , Miami or Ibiza ;-)))

But before presenting the models by the buyer’s personality, let’s talk about features of smart watches.

Female and male smartwatch

What is the difference between a female smartwatch and a male smartwatch? Technically none. The functions are the same and what changes is the appearance, the design.

Some models have feminine designs with very feminine colors. The unisex models are quite neutral, precisely to captivate the two audiences.

Main functions and features of the most desired smartwatches

Let’s talk now about some of the main functions of smartwatches, the main ones, at least, because there are many. Some of the most interesting functions are listed below.

Most common smartwatch formats and features

Maybe you already have in mind a model or a format that you are thinking of buying, even so we will give you some examples so that you get the choice right.

  • Round Smartwatch
  • Square or rectangular smartwatch
  • Bracelet type (smartband)

Round Smartwatch

It is the most traditional format of watches and is also a hit with smartwatches. Many people prefer the round smartwatch as it is more discreet and looks more like an ordinary watch.

In this format you will find from models with simpler functions to models with the most modern functions.

Square or rectangular smartwatch

Perhaps the most common model today, the square or rectangular smart is distinguished by its modern design and normally rounded edges.

Certainly, the model’s popularity in this format is due to the Apple Watch which was launched with this format and remains so today.

Square or rectangular smartwatch – The Apple watch is the most desired

In addition to Apple on iOS, you will find several other models on Android, from numerous brands and price ranges.

Smartband bracelet type (or smart bracelet)

This is the simplest type, both in design and function, but it can be a great option for most people. We have an entire article about the smartband .

With a super modern look that already identifies it at first sight, smart bracelets are watches with less functions and mainly aimed at monitoring physical exercises.

Smartband is a great option for use in sports and physical activity

Some smartbands have interesting functions and features, such as:

  • heartbeat monitoring
  • swimming monitoring
  • step monitoring
  • sleep monitoring
  • oxygenation sensor
  • musical controls
  • can be waterproof
  • can have protection level of up to ip68 (immersion in water)
  • touch screen
  • notifications (coming from smartphone: email, whats, calls, etc.)
  • support for use on Android and iOS
  • payment functions

Most common colors of smartwatches

The most common color is black, no doubt. Black is usually unisex, but there is a wide variety of colors available on the market for both sexes.

Some female smartwatch models are sold in pink or white. Others mix colors like white and gold, black and yellow, in short, there are countless combinations.

Most common smartwatch colors Most common smartwatch colors

The most common colors you will find will be models in black, white, pink, silver, red, yellow, blue and even gold.

Some functions present in a smartwatch

The smartwatch is not only used to show notifications from your cell phone, its use goes far beyond that.

Depending on the type of smartwatch and the value range, you may have incredible functions that you would not have thought of on your watch a few years ago.

In the simplest models you will already find a heart rate monitor, for example. In the most modern, you will have everything from health monitors to navigation and location sensors.

Others will connect you to apps like Spotify, for example, and you can use a bluetooth headset to listen to the music.

A common feature of many smart devices is the possibility of changing the interface, that is, the layout of the data shown on the display.

Manufacturers normally separate the functions of the models according to the profile of the buyer.

The functions you will find on your smartwatch may contain some of these:

  • layout change
  • touch screen
  • resistance and waterproof
  • heart rate monitor
  • blood oxygenation monitor
  • thermometer
  • navigation sensors (compass, altimeter, etc.)
  • step count and running pace
  • complete physical activity monitor
  • GPS
  • adding widgets
  • contactless payment application

Smartwatch apps

There is a huge variety of smartwatch apps for you to use with the data collected on your wrist. We did a full article on the subject and we advise you to read it if you want to know more about the subject.

Apple Watch is an example of a Smartwatch that supports app installation

The range includes a number of possible functions and applications. From calculator apps, weather forecast, water reminder, to Google Keep app, for example.

But it is good to remember that not every smartwatch has the option of installing an app on the watch itself. Most work with the option of transferring the data to your cell phone, and so the application that is on the cell compiles the information.

What is the best smartwatch of 2019?

This question is not easy to answer as there are several heavyweights that can make this list. We have to take into account technology, design, cost benefit and especially the type of customer you are.

Let’s start with the main, let’s choose 3 models as the best smartwatches for cost benefit. Then we will separate 4 more lists by the types of customers we have already listed above: Fitness, Fashion, Healthy and Moneyed.

Best cost-effective Smartwatch and evaluation of buying customers

The models we have chosen have values ​​below R $ 1,000 and have been evaluated very well by the customers who bought them. It is very likely that one of them will be your first smart because any one of them is a great option.

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