How to buy a smartwatch?

Choosing a smartwatch is not as complicated as it looks. That’s because few models fulfill the real function of being a smartwatch, some are just fitness bracelets that do not bring any other functionality. Before purchasing, it is necessary to consider the user’s profile – how he will wear the watch. Check out some tips and considerations before buying your smartwatch. … Read more

What is a smartwatch and what is it for?

History always repeats itself with the arrival of a new gadget: everyone wants one. However, the appearance and use of the smartwatch is already being consolidated not only as a novelty but as a very useful tool in its daily use. Despite this, not everyone is clear about what you can do with a smartwatch on your wrist or … Read more

Buy the Best Smartwatch in 2020

The Smartwatch is now so widespread that almost everyone, if not already has, has a friend who has and wants to buy her too. That’s when we come across dozens of models, of many brands, formats, and prices, which can make the search for the best smartwatch a little difficult. That is why we decided to make a definitive … Read more

Why should you have a smartwatch?

The use of a smartwatch is increasingly common in the day-to-day of those who are connected to technology. Smartwatches, or smartwatches, are one of the most common items within the wearable category, the “wearable technology” that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with the arrival of the internet of things in … Read more

The utility of the smartwatch


There is still deliberation about the usefulness of the smartwatch due to the general need it has to depend on the smartphone, and that its main function is to receive notifications that reach the phone. It also gives the impression that the main buyers of this product are people who love technology and new trends, leaving … Read more

The best men’s smart watches 2020


Wearable electronics around us are becoming more and more every year. Some of us have already decided to buy a smart watch, while others are in thought. “KP” talks about the best smart watches for men that you can buy in 2020. 1. Apple Watch 5 (from 33 thousand rubles) Apple’s device is the best you can … Read more