How to choose a smartwatch

A smartwatch is a device with a computer and a display that performs many functions. Typically, such watches work in conjunction with smartphones: they receive calls and answer emails and messages. Some models are used as a wireless headset for talking on a smartphone. Smart watches have a square or round shape, an electronic or analog … Read more

What is a smartwatch and what is it for?

History always repeats itself with the arrival of a new gadget: everyone wants one. However, the appearance and use of the smartwatch is already being consolidated not only as a novelty but as a very useful tool in its daily use. Despite this, not everyone is clear about what you can do with a smartwatch on your wrist or … Read more

What is a smart watch and what are its functions


In this article we will tell you what a smart watch is, what functions they have, how they differ from a fitness bracelet, and which gadget you should choose if it comes to purchasing it. What is a smart watch? The name of the smartwatch comes from the English Smart Watch. Unlike the classic mechanical … Read more