Children’s smart watches

How often have you been worried not knowing where your baby is?  With  children’s smart watches, you can know where he is now 24 hours a day. This is the case when a child will be happy with an interesting gadget, and you will stop worrying about nothing. 

We bring to your attention the description, specifications, reviews and prices of popular smart children’s watches. You won’t surprise anyone with smart watches, but they are not suitable for children. Especially for a children’s audience smart watches were invented. The developers to the maximum made them convenient and interesting even for the youngest. 

Photo of a child with a children's smart watch

Let’s start with flowers – here not only parents, but also children’s eyes will run up. In addition to the usual black color, which can only attract mature boys, there are bright colors – pink, blue, blue and yellow. It is worth entrusting the child with the choice of the color of the watch and not condemning, for example, a boy who prefers black to some kind of bright color.

The second thing that every caring parent will pay attention to is whether the child is comfortable in them. The watches have a comfortable size – they are not too large and at the same time the screen size in them is large enough not to spoil the vision. As for the material from which the strap is made, it is silicone, it is pleasant to the skin and does not cause irritation on the skin.

What the child will be happy with in this watch, of course, its functionality. Let’s look at what these smart watches can do. The first thing that catches your eye is the pictures that will be of interest to children. In the design of watches are used children’s illustrations and cartoon characters.

Overview of smart children's watches

Managing a smart watch is a pleasure, since the control is touch and intuitive even for a child. Children will be primarily interested in whether there are games in them. Yes, the watch has a lot of both educational games and just games for fun and joy. For example, one of the developmental games is subtraction, addition, and other actions with numbers.

And now the important information for parents. Before you let go of a child with a children’s watch, you will need to synchronize them with your smartphone. To do this, you will need to go to the manufacturer’s website or use the App Store for iPhone or Play Market for Android smartphones. To connect, you need a smartphone with Android 3.0 and above and iOS 6.0 and newer for iPhone installed on it. After downloading and installing the application, they must be registered by entering the code on the inside of the watch. After connecting you will be aware of all the information where and when your child went.

What attracts parents so much in this watch that they are ready to go and buy another gadget for their child? And all because the GPS tracker is built in them and it is possible to track the location of the child with an accuracy of a couple of meters. The second important reason is the SOS function, which the child can use in an emergency when he really needs the help of a loved one. The phone, of course, is also good, but you can’t always rely on it, and the watch is always at hand, or rather on the hand.

Let’s look at these important functions of smart watches in more detail. Let’s start with the most important thing for which this watch was so loved by caring parents. You can determine where the child is using the built-in GPS, which determines the location of the child by satellite., Cellular stations and Wi-Fi networks. Accuracy can reach 2 meters, but basically it is a range of up to 10 meters. 

But what if you have no time to constantly monitor, and there is no need for such excessive control, you can outline the borders of the territory for a walk. When the child leaves the outlined border, a notification will be sent to the smartphone. In addition, every evening you can sit down and quietly and calmly view the entire history of movements for the day.

Buy children's smart watches for a child

The ability to constantly be in touch regardless of whether the child has a telephone with him. The watch has a built-in microphone and a loud speaker. The child can not only dial you directly from the wrist, but you can also call him. The watch has a slot for memory cards nano-SIM. For especially suspicious parents, there is a function of anonymous wiretapping of what is happening around the child. Sly children will immediately understand what’s what and start to take off their watches in order to walk where it is impossible. But it wasn’t there, the watch even has a hand-held sensor and you will immediately receive a notification on the phone.

But what if the watch suddenly runs out and the connection with the child is lost? To avoid this, you need to accustom the child every evening to put the clock on charge. But for greater security, just set up notifications on your smartphone about a low battery.

The possibilities of smart children’s watches are not limited to this. For the child and for you, the function of counting the number of steps taken and the calorie counter will be interesting. Praise your child for an active day. And in order to know whether children are getting enough sleep or not, there is a sleep counter that will show the time of sleep and the phase when it woke up. 

Characteristics of children’s smart watches , on the example of Q100:

Screen1.54 “inches, color, touchscreen (Touchscreen)
CPUMTK2503D, 260 MHz
CommunicationGSM 850 | 900 | 1800 | 1900
SIM Card Typenano SIM
GPS there is an accuracy of 2-10 meters
CompatibilityAndroid 3.0 and above / iOS 6.0 and above
Microphone / speakeryes, built-in
Battery Li-lon, 600mAh
Dimensions47 x 39 x 15 mm
Weight48 grams

Some useful tips on how to make your child fall in love with a child’s watch and not consider you a guard at the same time.

  • Remember, do not over-patronize your child and report him left or right for each meter. Excessive control will cause a child’s backlash and he will not only hate the watch that he wears, but will also suppress the feeling of any independence in choosing where and why to go.
  • If the child does not know that he is being watched and controlled, then he should not be told about this. There is no need to panic if you see that the child has gone too far, maybe he just walks with friends. If you have time – just go and see for yourself what to call and ask “where are you going now.” You can just ask where and with whom he was, after he returns home and is already convinced – the child will tell the truth or 
  • Tell the child that there is a magic SOS button on the watch, when pressed, you will quickly come to his aid. Decide for yourself whether this digger will be for daily communication on any difficulties that have arisen or the opportunity to simply tell something interesting or important. If your child is not too sociable, then tell him that this is a kind of red button and if you click on it you will immediately drop all things and help him.
  • Do not limit the child too much both in his communication and in his location. Control secretly, trust, but also verify. Consider that a watch is a guarantee of your peace of mind, wherever children are, you can always find out and not give about panic and unnecessary stress.
  • Thank the baby. For example, the watch has a calorie counter, steps and sleep. Reward your child who has been active all day.

Of course, before you buy, you will want to know the reviews of satisfied, as well as dissatisfied parents’ watches. On our site there are several reviews and everyone was satisfied with the purchase. All our customers and their children were very happy with their purchase. All of them believe that this is the easiest and most affordable way to protect your child. The price of children’s smart watches is not so high as to regret them for the safety of their dear child. 

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