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If you are one of those who still listens to “children’s watches” and those watches full of small balls of candy come to mind, we are sorry to tell you that you are far behind. Nowadays, children wear much more sophisticated watches that, in addition to enchanting them, are very useful to parents.

These types of watches usually have a GPS location system incorporated, and some of them also have Internet access. Thanks to them, we can have our children located at all times. You really haven’t heard of these watches? Keep reading and find out everything, you will fall in love!


1The most important

2The best children’s watches on the market: our favorites

2.1The favorite watch for children of online users

2.2The best waterproof children’s watch

2.3The most fun and interactive children’s watch

3Shopping guide: What you should know about children’s watches

3.1What are children’s smart watches and what are the advantages of using them?

3.2What functions do children’s watches include?

3.3From what age can children’s watches be used?

3.4How do children’s watches work?

3.5How are children’s watches configured?

3.6Is the use of children’s watches safe?

4Purchase criteria

4.1Location system

4.2Control functions



4.5Additional options


The most important

Parents’ concern to always keep our children in view ends when we have children’s watches with GPS tracking systems. In addition, with these watches you can also make calls.

The reason why more and more parents decide to use these devices is their functionality and practicality. Children love to feel older and wear an “adult” watch, and we love being able to control them wherever we are.

When choosing the watch that best suits our needs, it will be important to take into account certain aspects such as the location system it includes, the control functions or the resistance. Thus, we ensure that we make the right decision.

The best children’s watches on the market: our favorites

If we add to the cost of choosing any technology product that this is going to be used by our son, the task of choosing the most suitable one becomes even more complicated. To help you, we have been researching and have selected the three best watches for children. Which one convinces you the most?

• The favorite watch for children of online users

• The best waterproof kids watch

• The most fun and interactive children’s watch

The favorite watch for children of online users

This multifunction smart watch features GPS location, phone call option, remote camera, SOS key and many more options.

In addition, it is completely safe even for the little ones, since it includes a call firewall and you can only receive those of the numbers that have been included in the book.

The best waterproof kids watch

In addition to all the functions that smart watches for children usually have (GPS, camera, two-way call and SOS call), the Vannico Kids Smartwach is submersible.

This feature makes it more resistant and durable. It also includes many games with which the children will have a great time.

The most fun and interactive children’s watch

The interactive smartwach with which to control your child’s behavior. It has a camera, emergency call, GPS location and rewards the little one for her good deeds!

You can set the clock so that it sends positive feedback when the child performs tasks that you have asked him through the application.

Shopping guide: What you should know about children’s watches

Since we know that the best way to make a good purchasing decision is to be well informed, today we want to answer the most frequently asked questions about children’s watches. If you do not want to be tempted, we recommend that you stop reading because, if you know all its benefits, you can not avoid getting one.

What are children’s smart watches and what are the advantages of using them?

Broadly speaking, smart watches for children are like the ones we use, but adapted to them. The use of this type of device provides great advantages for both parents and children, since it allows us to be in constant contact and increases safety. We will see it more clearly in the following table:


They guarantee total control of the little ones thanks to the location.

They make calls to always keep in touch with children.

They have interactive games with which children learn the hours.

The little ones can take photos and videos with the camera.

They are the latest technology devices adapted to children.


They require the use of mobile data.

You have to be aware of charging your battery.

If it is not used correctly, they can become dangerous for the little ones.

Not everything was going to be advantages. But, it seems obvious, the benefits in this case far outweigh any of the three drawbacks we have mentioned. What are we gradually convincing you that it is a great product? Well, you still have a lot to know about these devices that are so fashionable lately.

What functions do children’s watches include?

Luckily, today we can find a wide variety of different models of children’s watches. This fact makes brands try to innovate and include new functions with which to surprise users. However, there are certain functionalities that we believe are basic for any watch of this type:

GPS location : thanks to it, we will know where our son is at all times. In addition, many of the watches allow you to establish a security perimeter and send us notifications if the child exceeds it.

Two-way call : of course, calls are restricted to the numbers that we establish.

SOS security button : that the child can press if he has an emergency and that will make the watch directly contact the emergency number that we have established.

Games : it is always convenient that the watch has a game to increase the child’s interest and that he himself wants to take it with him.

In addition to these four basic functions, the latest models have a photo and video camera with which the little one can save many memories. It is also recommended that they be submersible, since children do not usually pay attention to take off the watch when they go to bathe and thus we avoid disappointments.

From what age can children’s watches be used?

This is usually a very recurring question and one that worries many parents, since we fear that we are putting in the hands of our children a device that could be dangerous for them. Therefore, the answer will depend largely on how sophisticated the watch is. In many cases, they begin to be used from the age of four in specific situations.

For example, if we go to the park and want to have the child under control. In these cases, it is best that the watch has the most basic functions, simply as a security measure. From there, the child’s maturity and the ability to understand the use of the device he has comes into play.

How do children’s watches work?

Although one of the reasons why many parents are still reluctant to have this type of device, the truth is that the operation of children’s watches is very simple. They are based solely on two-way communication between the watch and an application on the parents’ mobile.

From the application, we can control both the location and the communication with the child’s watch and always keep in touch, both by audio and by text. In addition, thanks to the SOS call, they allow the little one to ask for help whenever they need it just by pressing a button. That easy.

How are children’s watches configured?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a handyman or understand a lot of technology to set up children’s watches. Of course, everything will depend on the particular characteristics of the watch and how simple or complex its operation is. Broadly speaking, these are the steps we must follow:

The application with which it is connected will appear in the instructions of the watch . Download it on your mobile. If the watch allows calls, you will have to get a SIM card. You do not need to have the Internet, with a basic prepaid it is enough.

Install the SIM card in the watch as if it were a phone . In many cases, it is advisable to put it on a mobile first, since it is easier to activate it.

When you already have the SIM card configured , go back to the mobile application and configure the options (contact numbers, security perimeter or others).

We must bear in mind that these indications are very general and that it is essential to carefully read the manufacturer’s indications for each specific model. Only in this way can we make the most of the watch and ensure that we are making correct use of it.

Is the use of children’s watches safe?

As long as we make correct use of them, yes. What do we mean by correct use? Very simple: to use the children’s watch as a safety device and not as a device that will end up making you sick. In addition, for them to be practical, it is very important that our child understands why he uses it.

Thus, if the child understands the importance of the device for his safety, he will make a more responsible use of the watch. Of course, parents must also be responsible in this regard and not cross the barrier of intimacy as our children grow. The key, in this case, is when we use it.

Fernando Lino Vázquez

Psychologist and clinical advisor to Xuntos

“If parents decide to use devices of this type, children should know this. You have to explain what they are for and agree with them when to use it. It should be limited to very specific situations and also for a certain time ”.

Purchase criteria

Now that we have all the relevant information about children’s smart watches clear, it’s time to choose the one that suits us best. And how to do it? Well, the most practical thing is to take into account the main purchase criteria for these devices, since they will be the ones that tip the scales towards one or the other model.

Location system

Control functions



Additional options

Location system

The first thing that we should pay attention to when we go to choose which will be the children’s watch that our child will use is the location system that it includes. Although this is a characteristic that we have cataloged as basic, it does not hurt that we review it to make sure that it has it.

The most recommended is that you combine the GPS technology with that of the SIM card, as if it were a mobile phone like ours. This combination guarantees a better quality of location in any place, without buildings or large areas of the field being a problem in this regard.

Control functions

In this case, more than in the watch itself, in what we must look at the application to which it is linked. It will be important that we pay attention to all the control options that it offers us and that it is capable of satisfying all our needs. We refer, for example, to being able to establish a security perimeter.

Although it may seem that we will not use it, it is very useful to be sure that our child does not stray too far in large places. Also, of course, it is essential that you have an option to restrict calls (both incoming and outgoing) to certain numbers that we determine.


And we cannot talk about a product that our children will use without talking about resistance. We know very well that the energy of children devastates everything and that things tend to be short-lived when in their hands. This is why it is so important that the children’s watch we buy is strong.

Normally, these types of watches are made of quality and shockproof materials that you will surely receive on more than one occasion. The main thing is that the strap is comfortable and that the glass is as hard as possible, so it takes longer to scratch or break. If you can get into the water, better than better.


The next purchase criteria that we must take into account is the age of the child. Earlier we discussed that the use of these watches are recommended from the age of four, although in very specific situations. In this case, we are the ones who know our son the most and we know when he will be ready to use it.

Even so, manufacturers usually include in their models a recommended age based on the specific characteristics of said watch. It is advisable to follow these indications, in addition to security issues, because in this way we will be offering the child a product that he can understand.

Additional options

Finally, we will talk about the additional options that children’s watches can bring. This is already a matter of personal taste, since it is all those extras that will make us like one model more than another. Among the most popular options are the photo and video camera or interactive games.

These types of options do not add quality to the watch itself, but encourage the child to have an interest in wearing it and using it, so it will be easier for us too. In addition, many of the games they include are aimed at learning the hours or other knowledge. One point in favor.


Children’s watches have evolved a lot to become, nowadays, really useful and practical devices to maintain contact with parents and the safety of children at all times. Thanks to their remote control linked to a mobile application, they are very easy to use.

This means that more and more families are choosing to have a device like this to increase the safety of the little ones in busy places. In addition, the use of children’s watches favors the autonomy of our children, since we can leave them more freedom. What are you waiting to try them?

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