Choosing a smartwatch: what to look for?

Since Apple announced the first smartwatch in 2014, the industry has taken the industry to a whole new level. Sometimes it seems that every gadget manufacturer these days considers it their duty to have a smartwatch in stock. It isn’t easy to choose something specific from a wide assortment. We have compiled a simple guide that will help you understand the characteristics and choose a useful smartwatch.

Smartphone compatibility

Imagine that you have just bought a smartwatch and realized that the device you put on your wrist is unusable because your phone does not recognize it. Quite an unpleasant situation. This is why a compatibility check is essential when buying a smartwatch.

Most of the smartwatches on the market are made by smartphone companies. Their main goal is to drag you into the ecosystem of their mobile device. For example, Apple Watch will only pair with an iPhone. Thus, Apple “hints” that you will have to buy an iPhone first.

Samsung is more liberal on this issue: Apple’s main competitor allows the Galaxy Watch to connect to mobile devices other than their brand. Regardless, the watch has some features that can only be unlocked when paired with a Samsung smartphone.

The Garmin Vivomove HR smartwatch is compatible with five systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, and OS X.

However, you can buy watches from brands that do not make smartphones. These models offer all functions at once and support both iOS and Android.


The screen is the key element of a smartwatch. There are currently four display options on the market, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

You will have to choose between AMOLED, IPS, E-Ink, or a monochrome dot display, familiar to those who found electronic watches from the 80s and 90s. Those looking for a modern color display are limited to the first two options.

AMOLED displays give you the best viewing angle, high contrast, and deep blacks. IPS screens, in turn, have better color reproduction and a lower price.

If it doesn’t matter to you whether the display will transmit color, then another option is added – “electronic ink” E-Ink.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip watch has a color-reproducible E-Ink display – both modern and secure.

However, the E-Ink display, which is commonly used in e-books, does not make the device cheaper, on the contrary. But it is the safest of all four options for the eyes, and it is most convenient to read messages and other small text on it. By the way, not so long ago, models with E-Ink color displays appeared on sale.

Management interface

In modern smartwatches, three control options are used: touch, pushbutton, and a combination of a touchscreen display and buttons. The choice here is undeniable: the touchscreen wins inconvenience. However, if you live in a cold country like Russia, where you have to wear gloves most of the year, you should consider the option with buttons.

Selecting touch controls brings up a new dilemma over display size. It should be large enough to safely tap the screen to view notifications or perform other actions. The diagonal of the screen in popular smartwatches varies from 0.38 “to 2.2”, the average is considered comfortable – around 1.8 “, but everything here, of course, depends solely on the size of your fingers and dexterity.

Notifications and calls

This is one of the main reasons people buy smartwatches. The first advantage of the Apple Smart Watch was that you didn’t need to take out your phone every time a notification came with it – you just had to look at the watch.

Smartwatches Xiaomi Amazfit Verge can display notifications from absolutely any applications that you choose on your smartphone.

The most relevant models display notifications from any application, not only from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Look for a watch that will warn you about every message on your phone – so you can receive your notifications even from Vkontakte or Viber, and you can use your smartphone less often.

Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular has a slot for Nano-SIM and a speakerphone for receiving incoming calls.

Some smartwatches allow not only to know about incoming calls but also to answer them. To do this, they must have a SIM slot. Such models can completely replace a smartphone. However, a watch with a SIM card always costs more than a similar model without cellular support. This option is especially common in children’s watches, for example, the Smart Baby Watch, but is also found in “adult” models, for example, in the fifth generation Apple Watch.


Built-in apps are the second reason people buy smartwatches. Imagine pulling out your phone and launching the app every time you want to check your heart rate monitor. Smartwatches (unlike many fitness bracelets ) allow you to do this on your screen. 

Check what built-in apps your watch has and if you need them. If you are an athlete, physical activity monitoring programs will come in handy if you love music – a music player.

Huawei Watch GT is based on Google’s Wear OS: you can install third-party apps on it.

It is best to choose a watch that supports the installation of third-party programs. As a rule, these are models based on Wear OS – they have their applications specially adapted for smartwatches’ interface.

GPS and sports functions

Another useful smartwatch feature that you definitely shouldn’t give up is the heart rate sensor. If only because he will notice an unhealthy heart rhythm in time and will help to see a doctor in time.

If you regularly spend time in the gym, take an interest in the set of sensors and algorithms for measuring heart rate and pressure installed in the watch. It can be monitoring of calories, sleep, physical activity, heart rate, ECG. The built-in stopwatch and timer will also come in handy for fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can measure everything – even blood pressure.

GPS is another must-have smartwatch feature that will come in handy for running enthusiasts. It allows you to track your location in real-time on a map and use navigation functions. This function is also essential if you choose a smartwatch for your child – with it you can track the child’s movements on your smartphone.


Battery life is one of the most important criteria for choosing the right smartwatch. Smartwatches are still a reasonably new product on the market, and battery-saving technologies are not as fine-tuned for smartphones. Charging times are also critical: if your smartwatch charges slower than your phone, you will likely become frustrated quickly.

Try to find out how long a particular model can last without recharging. Manufacturers’ promises are often overstated, so it’s best to refer to device reviews or user reviews.

Battery life largely depends on which screen the watch is using. Models with economical E-Ink displays can last up to two weeks without recharging. Gadgets with bright AMOLED screens – about 5-7 days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch on Wireless Charger Duo

Like a smartphone, a smartwatch must be capable of fast charging to replenish its battery life in a short time.


It should be remembered that a watch is a status accessory for both men and women. So choosing very functional but bulky and shapeless accessories is not the best option.

A critical point specifically for smartwatches in terms of design is the ability to replace straps. They can be plastic, silicone, fabric, or leather. The best thing to do is to have the strap on your watch detachable – by changing it, you can create a new accent in the device’s design if it is part of your style.

Finally, be aware of the additional “passive” features that can make the device more expensive and provide separate benefits. It is waterproof, shatterproof glass, and other protective features.


We will briefly summarize all the necessary aspects that you need to pay attention to buy a useful smartwatch:

  • the device must be compatible with the operating system of your smartphone – preferably both Android and iOS;
  • the touch screen is always better than push-button control, and its optimal diagonal is from 1.8″;
  • good smartwatches display notifications from all applications installed on your phone;
  • smartwatches based on Wear OS are more functional than all others, as they allow you to install third-party applications;
  • the heart rate monitor and GPS functions of the watch are useful not only for athletes;
  • the smartwatch should work without recharging for about 5-7 days;
  • a useful accessory has detachable straps;
  • the more the gadget is protected from external influences, the better – but also more expensive.


It is not difficult in the modern world to find out the hour since there are watches on mobile phones, computers, household appliances, or ordinary wristwatches.

In the Internet technology market, “smart” gadgets have been gaining popularity lately. Therefore, each user can choose a smartwatch to their taste and wallet. Many buyers prefer trusted manufacturers. It is better to buy the Apple Samsung watch smartwatch in the COMFY online store.


First of all, it is multifunctionality. One gadget can replace several devices simultaneously, such as a clock, a stopwatch, and a mobile phone.

The practical aspect is equally important. After all, it is inconvenient to find a phone to answer calls or watch an hour in winter or rainy autumn. In such cases, a smartwatch will come to the rescue, at which you can look and get all the necessary information. For example, if you are doing household chores and you urgently need to answer a call, you can do this with one touch on the gadget.

Many smartwatches have a unique and stylish design that will allow you to look more respectable in any society and unquestioningly attract the attention of the opposite sex.

A universal function is the ability to track the child’s location so that parents always know what their beloved child is doing and protect him from the dangers of the modern world.


For representatives of the more vigorous sex, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver (SM-R800NZSASEK) is ideal, which has an unsurpassed and stylish design to emphasize the status. A smartwatch will replace your reliable assistant because it can remain charged for several days in addition to a wide variety of functions. The “smart” gadget of this model allows you to track sleep, respiratory activity, and heart rate, and at a certain moment can warn its owner about the need to rest.

year of birth

If you always keep yourself in active physical shape, smartwatches will help you achieve significant results. Thus, the device can monitor any changes in the training regime and notify the owner of the body’s activity has changed or you have stopped exercising. One of this model’s advantages is the ability to pay in online stores and cafes thanks to the arranged NFC module. If your house has a “smart home” system, the gadget can synchronize with it and allow you to control the house only at the expense of one clock.
Also, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver is protected from damage thanks to the case, which will ensure the duration of the gadget’s use.
You can buy a smart watch in the COMFY online store, which will save your nerves and time. Without leaving home, using a smartphone or laptop, you can order a gadget with home delivery. In this case, you can pay both in cash and by credit card. The online store makes it possible to return the product if it did not fit for one reason.

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