Everything you need to know about smart watches

Today, technology is everywhere, even on watches! Many cellphone manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and other companies, have launched smart watches, also known as smartwatches, that work in conjunction with smartphones.

Smart watches can make your life a lot easier: you can view incoming messages, appointments in the calendar, weather, social media notifications, access photos from the album, search the internet, control music playback, use GPS and a lot more.

Those who play sports can still control the entire training, such as calories expended, heart rate and running path for example. Best of all, you can do it all without even taking your smartphone out of your pocket!

The only thing you will need to do with your cell phone is to answer calls. Some models even have a microphone so you can access the virtual assistant. Remember I already talked about their advantages  here ?

And look how cool: the battery lasts about two days depending on how much you are going to wear the watch. So, you don’t have to worry about charging like your cell phone all the time!
To synchronize with your smartphone is very easy, look:

If your smart watch is Android, just go to your smartphone’s app store and download the Android Wear app. It is he who will connect the two devices; then just follow the installation instructions.


Now, if the watch is an Apple Watch, which has the WatchOS operating system, it is only compatible with the iPhone and the application to connect with the cell phone is already installed on the smartphone, okay?

Everything you need to know before buying a smartwatch

If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch , you must have seen several options in the international market, right? But do you know what is the best option that fits your needs for such equipment? For the truth is that there are many points that need to be analyzed before the device is chosen and the acquisition is completed.

And does this concern only the design? Of course not! There are other elements that are just as or more important and that need to be analyzed carefully before you decide on one or the other option. Check out now what are the most important points of a smart watch and learn how to choose a device that fits your needs perfectly.

Smartwatch is not smartband

Although this is becoming more rare, there are still people who confuse smartwatches with smartbands. While the former are really smart watches that connect to other devices to expand application functions, allow advanced control of tools and increase connectivity capabilities, the others are generally geared towards the fitness world and bring very different functions.

Smartband (left) and Smartwatch (right), both from Sony

They can even function as clocks for the time display, but the main focus is on step counting, measuring heart rate and calculating distance traveled; in addition to other features also aimed at this sports and exercise market – almost always being cheaper than smartwatches. It is worth keeping an eye on.

Design matters

Despite not being the only item to be analyzed, design is really fundamental. This is not only about aesthetic issues, but also about comfort and easy access to the functions of the devices. A smartwatch cannot be larger than a consumer’s wrist, for example. Otherwise, we would certainly have an uncomfortable device that could even cause pain during use.

Another important point is the layout of the buttons and the ease of use of the screen. There is no use in a beautiful device with physical buttons that are difficult to access. It is also necessary to take into account the way the screens are built, as external frames can make navigation through apps complicated. In other words: the best options are 2.5D screens  or frameless displays, for example.

Motorola Moto 360

Which smartphone will it work on?

Few smartwatches work autonomously – and yet they rely on smartphones for a variety of functions. So it is very important to note what are the compatibility of the device you are thinking of buying. Apple Watch, for example, works only with the latest iPhones. This means that you will not be able to use the device with an Android – or with old iPhones.

Most of the time, they need to walk together

On the other hand, some devices with Android Wear are compatible with the iOS of iPhones – remembering that not all devices and that some features no longer exist in this case. Other smartwatch systems can also be used in more smartphone systems, such as Pebble , which works on Android, iOS and also Windows Phone.

Observe if your smartphone will be able to perform the functions with your smartwatch

In other words: observe well if your smartphone will be able to perform the connection functions with the smartwatch. Otherwise, you can end the story with a very expensive watch or having to buy a new cell phone to enjoy all possible benefits.

Special Features

There are two distinct segments that must be analyzed when we talk about the features present in a smartwatch. The first one concerns the operating system, as it is clear that there are differences between the various systems available on the market – and this is directly reflected in what we talked about the compatibility of the devices.

The second is in the hardware features of the device. This means that you need to be aware of the features that it brings and that are independent of the cell phone’s operating system. A great example of this is in the heart rate meters, which allow users much more precision in Fitness measurements, for example.

Another interesting feature is the presence of barometers, which can bring more reliable results to measurements of the most diverse types. Thermometers and other sensors also need to be analyzed as differentials. However, one of the most important features is the integrated GPS, which does not require smartphones to take physical exercise measurements.

With this, the devices can be used without problems by consumers who are cycling or running without smartphones – and there are very cool options for sportsmen, such as models from Garmin  or FitBit . The reports continue to be made without any difficulty and synchronization can occur when a WiFi or Bluetooth connection is reached.

Waterproof and autonomous devices stand out

Finally, it is also vital that the devices are waterproof so that they are not damaged in the event of rain, for example. After all, what good would it do to allow you to travel great distances if he is going to come home dead after a drizzle?

Drums: the great villain

If you want to use your smartwatch for several days without having to recharge, you will have to settle for an old watch with a calculator. Almost no device allows more than a day of autonomy – even more if we are talking about moderate or high usage, in which the equipment is used several times and with several features.

Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic

Even so, it is very important that you always opt for devices that suit your needs. If you can recharge your device every day – just as you do with your smartphone – there are no problems. Otherwise, it will be necessary to choose devices that are able to offer more autonomy – but that may come with slightly more resources.

Keeping an eye on prices

When you look at cell phones, top-of-the-line devices cost a lot more than intermediate or entry-level models – and really offer features and performance that justify that. On the other hand, when we analyze the clocks, this gets a little more complex, mainly due to the fact that most devices bring very similar results.

For this reason, it is very important to always think about how much each device costs and what each one offers. After all, you don’t want to spend R $ 1,000 more on a device that offers differentials that you won’t use, don’t you think?

How to choose the right smart watch?

This year it seems that everyone only talks about the latest trend in wearable technology: smart watches. With more and more smart watch options available, it is difficult to know which one is best and what you should be looking for.

So to help you decide, here are some of the main functions to take into account when thinking about buying a smart watch.

1. Compatibility

The main function to be considered when thinking about the best smart watch is its compatibility with your cell phone. Connections are usually made via Bluetooth, but compatibility varies between operating systems. Many smart watches like Sony SmartWatch 3 and LG Watch Urbane use Android Wear, which means they can communicate with Android phones. Take a look at the guide to the best Android smart watches of 2015.

An Alternative is the Apple Watch that only connects with devices that use iOS. In other words, iPhone and iPad only.
There are also products like Pebble and Alcatel OneTouch that work with Android and iOS.

The security of the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the smart watch has been questioned and how any other technology has become a target for cyber criminals. To minimize risks, smart watch users should opt for any password protection available and keep their software up to date.

2. Answering Calls

Different smart watches answer calls in different ways. Sony Smartwatch 3 allows users to answer and decline calls on their watch, but activates their cell phone’s microphone and speakerphone or headphones for conversation. Others, including the Apple Watch, allow users to chat directly from their watches and can keep their phone in their purse or pocket.

3. Notifications

Another very useful function of smart watches, in addition to informing the time, is that they show notifications from your cell phone without you having to take it out of your pocket! For example, it will show you alerts for new emails, calendar appointments, Facebook and Twitter. Some watches, including the Apple Watch, even allow you to respond directly via watch.

4. Applications

Most watches have an app store where you can purchase apps like Uber Instagram, Yelp and Evernote.
A significant difference between smart watches is that they have a very different application availability between them, so this is a very good way to determine which smart watch is best for you. Apple has the most apps, with the Pebble app store just behind with just over 6,000 apps.
If you decided on an Android you will be dealing with the Google Play Store and find the best apps there. Cool functions including being able to control your sound system with a few clicks or go through the airport security system bringing your ticket on your smart watch! In the near future you will even be able to make payments with your smart watch.

5. Fitness and Health Monitoring

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you’ll probably want your watch to be twice as good as a physical activity monitor. Some watches like the Sony SmartWatch 3 have integrated GPS and the Apple Watch has an integrated heart monitor. Others like Garmin Vivoactive offer a variety of sports activity monitoring options. Some smart watches do not have fitness monitoring capabilities but allow you to download apps like the running and cycling controller called Strava.

So, if you are planning to buy a smart watch, think carefully about how you want to use it and do your research before you buy!

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