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We live in an era of prosperity of information technology, in an era when any owner of a mobile phone can access a huge amount of information in a matter of seconds.
With your mobile phone at hand, you can check your email at any time, upload photos immediately after taking a photo, purchase goods online, and transfer funds to your bank account. And you can do all this just by touching the screen of your smartphone.
Today smartphones have learned to receive and send almost any amount of information with lightning speed. The instantaneous availability of data has brought the service industry and other sectors of the economy to a whole new level, all without interrupting people’s daily activities.



A smartwatch or smartwatch is a reasonably new technology. This is a computerized wristwatch or bracelet watch that replaced the past, the pocket personal digital assistant. The advantage of these watches is that they are equipped with various useful functions, and each manufacturer offers something different, unusual, and new for the consumer.

smart watch

Instead of pulling out your cell phone every time you want to listen to music or make an important call, you can use your smartwatch to do so. All the information you need will be at your fingertips, but not in a figurative, but in the literal sense of the word. Or better to say, all the information you need will be right on your wrist.



Smartwatches are somewhat similar to fitness trackers, as they synchronize with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. So, the watch provides access to some functions of the phone, particularly to the contact list, which allows you to make calls or send text messages to people from the phone’s contact list without taking out the phone.


Initially, smartwatches were conceived as devices that enhance the functionality of smartphones. Bluetooth technology allows these two devices to work simultaneously.

Smart watch

With the advent of new smartwatch models on the market, smartphone owners get more alternatives when choosing a particular smartwatch model.

  • Convenience. Let’s face it. People love to be aware of everything that is happening around them. They want to feel involved in what is happening. This is what makes smartwatches so attractive to most consumers. Imagine that you can do all those operations for which you had to take your phone out of your pocket in a matter of seconds, without even having to take your phone out of your pocket. Fantastic, isn’t it? With smartwatches, this has become a reality. The smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls and receive important updates. You can receive text messages, alerts, and updates in a discreet manner.
smart watch
  • Availability. Unlike some new technologies, smartwatches have fairly affordable prices. Since they are the perfect complement to smartphones, more and more companies selling cell phones and their accessories are selling and promoting them in the market. Moreover, even the most anticipated smartwatch model is very affordable. As more and more companies want to jump on the “smartwatch market,” smartwatches’ functionality is increasing, and prices are falling rapidly.
  • Functionality. Some smartwatch models have built-in flash drives. More expensive smartwatches have a built-in voice and gesture control module, cloud storage and data transfer technology, or a built-in fitness tracker that allows you to track your daily activity level. Many allow you to send text messages or tweets right from your wrist. Imagine you’re sweating on a treadmill at the gym, and suddenly someone calls or writes a vital message. You no longer have to haphazardly pull out your phone to see who is calling or texting you. All you need to do is look at the screen of your smartwatch and decide whether you should answer right now or whether the person who calls or texts you can wait until you finish doing what you are doing.
  • The freedom of action. Everyone wants to be connected, but let’s face it, there are places where talking on the phone is merely inappropriate. It doesn’t matter if they are your relatives or essential clients. There are situations when talking on the phone is inappropriate, indecent, or inconvenient. In this case, a smartwatch will come to your aid, which allows you to check and send messages on the fly.
smart watch
  • Personalized firmware. App developers have complete leeway when it comes to developing apps and smartwatch firmware. Companies are stimulating interest in developing innovation in this area by creating guides on “hack” smartwatch software. Similar to smartphone apps, smartwatch apps can be exciting.

As you can see, there are many reasons people would want to use a smartwatch. In a recent study, researchers found that the average smartphone user checks their phone up to 150 times a day, or once every 6.5 minutes. It’s incredible how much time we spend on our phones! Wouldn’t it be a bad thing to do the same thing in less time?

Smartwatches can reflect your individuality and individual style, as manufacturers today have significantly expanded their range, complementing them with different dials and straps of different colors.

Benefits of Using Smartwatches to Get Back to Workout Trends

Returning to sports is not always an easy task, especially after 5 months of imprisonment, periods of obesity, stress, anxiety, etc. These are the reasons why people strive to take control over their health and lifestyle every time.

(How to choose the best smartwatch for you?).

However, you need to think about the best device that is the perfect ally to get back and resume life after the pandemic. 

One of them is smartwatches. The use of these devices makes it easier for people to achieve their fitness goals, which allows them to improve the efficiency of their workouts significantly, monitor sleep, monitor calorie burn and performance, monitor heart rate, and collect useful data about the user’s health, and many other possibilities.

For this reason, Linki, the only online store in Colombia that specializes in smartwatches, offers the following benefits to consider when using a smartwatch to get back to training:

• Warranty and a complete experience: To resume exercise, it is essential to know what sport will be fulfilled, because advances in watch technology serve us not only to measure time. Today, these devices can help people take better care of their health and even enable users to detect diseases. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing a watch or smart bracelet, the reasons why these devices have become popular around the world.

In this sense, a watch like the Coros Vertix brand is ideal for running, cycling, climbing, and other safer and more practical activities for all explorers. These devices have over 45 days of battery life with typical use and over 60 hours of battery life in full GPS mode, giving them nearly double the battery life of the latest, more powerful watch from the market.

• Duration extended for the whole day: One of the most important characteristics to consider when playing any sport is to have all the information about the weaknesses that need to be improved and the strengths of people, all for control. Learning and setting new goals for the future, always caring for health and well-being.

A watch like the Polar is built with the latest sports technology and is the lightest in design. A complete GPS multisport watch for those looking to set new records. This thin and light workout companion provides all the data you need to improve performance and durability throughout the day.

• More efficient and better quality: Another advantage of smartwatches is the quality of service, they are the most compact and complete devices on the market, ideal for people with healthy habits since they offer long battery life, a compact watch with GPS and numerous multisport features allow easy to track all workouts and progress.

That’s why brands like Suunto 5 are perfect as they have a 24/7 activity log including steps, calories, stress, and sleep. This ensures you have a quality experience while playing any sport or reviewing personal information during your training day.

• Elegance and technological innovation. One of the essential features of a smartwatch is the technological innovation it can have, like music, maps, rhythm monitoring, and more can be added to workouts. Also, they have power managers that adjust the battery autonomy depending on the mode in which the watch is used. Likewise, stability with features that meet the user’s requirements and adapt to any need and lifestyle.

This is why brands like Garmin Fénix are ideal devices as it is a more elegant sports watch, it is perfect for multisport lovers. This small watch can withstand everything as it is water-resistant and also has materials that protect the device. They provide a lightweight feel ideal for any activity. Also, they have access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS, the latter being crucial as it allows you to determine location, measure distances, speed, and pace.

There is no better compliment than a smartwatch as it is the perfect complement designed with proprietary technological developments. Its wrist-centric orientation has become a sports gadget primarily as it can read your heart rate. … and turn that into very comprehensive physical activity statistics.

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