How to buy a smartwatch?

Choosing a smartwatch is not as complicated as it looks. That’s because few models fulfill the real function of being a smartwatch, some are just fitness bracelets that do not bring any other functionality. Before purchasing, it is necessary to consider the user’s profile – how he will wear the watch. Check out some tips and considerations before buying your smartwatch.

Smartwatch is different from smartband

First of all, I want to make it clear that the smartwatch is different from the smartband. They are even similar in some functions – like showing notifications and recording physical activity – but a smartwatch goes much further than that, or at least it must go.

The basics of a smartwatch:

A smartwatch must integrate with the cell phone to allow the user to do more daily tasks with ease, simply, on the wrist. Thus, he must do more than monitor exercises. Don’t be fooled by watches that claim to be smart and do nothing more than what a smart band can do.

Some common features in a smartwatch are the presence of a GPS, the possibility of installing third-party applications (to expand its native functions), integration with cell phone accounts so that the user can view the calendar, reminders and e-mails, and Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music with wireless headphones.

Some even have support for mobile networks, making it more independent of the cell phone: allowing the user to make or answer calls even if they only have their watch on, during an exercise, for example.

The brands that dominate the smartwatch market

There are many brands that sell smartwatches around the world. Apple is the company with the largest share of this market: only in 2018, a report from Strategy Analytics showed that 50% of the watches sold were Apple Watches.

The other two brands that compete for the research podium are Fitbit, with 12.2% of the market, and Samsung, with 11.8% of sales of these wearables (the name given to “wearable” devices).

Of these, only Fitbit – recently bought by Google, to strengthen Wear OS – does not have operations in Brazil, Samsung and Apple always bring new models to the country. These are the main recommendations in this guide.

Although Huawei has also brought the Watch GT model, the manufacturer still fails to deliver basic functions and features for a smartwatch: it is not possible to interact with notifications, install third-party applications, control or store music and the collected data is inaccurate, on account of GPS – if it is just to monitor exercises and see notifications, smart bands will do the job.

Which smartwatch to buy for my profile?

Want to buy a smartwatch for what?

Of course, smartwatches are accessories that have a focus on health. Whether to practice physical activities, monitor sleep and heartbeat, or just count steps. If you are looking for this type of device, just for these functions, it is better to focus on a smart band and save money.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something to be an extension of your cell phone, perform simple and faster actions without having to take your phone out of your pocket, then it is good to think about a smartwatch.

Of course, except for physical activity monitoring, they are still not indispensable accessories, such as smartphones. A person can very well live without a smartwatch, save money, and put more effort into taking his phone out of his pocket.

But it’s that thing: once you use the remote, you never want to get up to change the channel on the TV.

Apple Watch Series 5

Do you use Android or iOS (iPhone)?

This is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing a smartwatch. Since the Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones, that is, it is also necessary to have the Apple phone for the watch to be paired and configured.

The Galaxy Watch line is compatible with any Android smartphone and also with the iPhone. But I would not recommend buying a Galaxy Watch if you use iPhone, because:

  • Integrations will be limited: you will not be able to interact with notifications, answer calls; view iPhone reminders, sync settings (such as Wi-Fi passwords), etc;
  • You will not be able to use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch;
  • It will not be possible to configure the SOS message on the Samsung watch;
  • You will not be able to transfer screenshots of the watch to your iPhone.

It makes no sense to buy a Samsung smartwatch for use with an iPhone unless your profile is that of a person who frequently changes cell phones and between Android and iOS.

In this case and since the Apple Watch does not work in the operating system of Google, Android may be a viable Galaxy Watch, despite the limitations (and if you want a very smartwatch).

Apart from this exception, we consider Apple Watch for those who use the iPhone (and intend to continue using it) and Galaxy Watch for those who have Android.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Now it’s up to you…

Given the characteristics of a smartwatch and considerations about the user’s profile, the choice of which path to follow becomes easier. Buying a smartwatch has not yet become a necessity of modern times, as I said. But once someone adopts a clock ecosystem, it is important to know if they can get out of it, if they need to.

For example: if a person purchased an Apple Watch, they will not be able to pair the watch with an Android if they change phones in the future. However, the Apple watch allows the installation of third-party applications and since these applications are also on other watches, such as Samsung’s, the migration becomes less painful.

Each model and platform has its particularities and serves an audience. Now it’s up to you. So, have you decided on your next smartwatch?

Why should you have a smartwatch?

The use of smartwatch is increasingly common in the day-to-day of those who are connected in technology.

Smartwatches, or smart watches, are one of the most common items within the wearable category, the “wearable technology” that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with the arrival of the internet of things in Brazil.
Thinking about all the benefits that these devices bring to our day to day, we list 4 reasons for you to acquire yours!

4 reasons to have a smartwatch

With a smart watch it is even more practical to receive and send messages, access documents, check notifications from apps like Instagram and Whatsapp, in addition to reading your emails.

With a smartwatch it is not necessary to be close to your cell phone to receive all notifications and alerts. You stay connected to everything that is happening in a more practical and quick way.


The function of making, receiving or even rejecting calls by the smartwatch is done through the connection with the bluetooth of your cell phone.

Calls are made by the speakerphone of your watch. It is something that still leaves something to be desired, because if you want to deal with a matter in a more reserved way, you will need to get your cell phone. Some brands are working to improve this function, since the idea is to use the mobile phone less and less for calls when you have a smartwatch.


Having a healthy lifestyle is in fashion and nothing better than technology to help us maintain good habits.

Some models of smart watches are able to measure heart rate, count your steps and still remember to drink water regularly. It is also possible to download fitness apps on the device itself, focused on diets and exercises, which further improves the monitoring of your health and your interaction with the watch.


Smartwatches are also compatible with GPS applications. In addition to being
a safer option for those who are driving, the device issues notifications of
change of route through vibration, allowing the driver to always be aware of the
path and alert to all situations.
It is worth remembering that one device does not exclude the use of the other, especially in the case of the
smartwatch in which a smartphone is needed to be connected. The idea is to
complement the use of the two devices and have more convenience when having calls and
messages within reach of your wrists.

SmartWatch, the Age of Smart Watches

Whoever took the Jetsons era always wanted a smart watch like Leroy, right? Yeah! Now you can have a smartwatch just like his.

smartwatch - Jetsons - BemMaisSeguro

About 20 years ago, no one seriously thought that one day he would “dress” a computer. Today smartwatches , which look like they came out of old spy movies, offer more and more features. Bold, futuristic, retro designs, black in the best Matrix style or colorful in the 80s, the smartwatch is a trend that goes far beyond the visual.

With them you connect with your smartphone and integrate actions without having to take your phone out of your bag or briefcase, for example, and, depending on the model, for even answering and making calls. It is the sophistication of the purest concept of freedom, where you have access to all the information and applications you want and need, in real time, from anywhere – just with a watch on your wrist. Know the main ones:

Sony SmartWatch

This is what happens with Sony, for example. With Android Wear technology, recognition and contextual intelligence, you speak and it does. That simple.

With independent functions, you can load it with music, for example, even without your smartphone, and several downloadable applications allow you to customize it the way you want.

In addition, it provides relevant information about where you are as you move, such as flights, weather, transport and tips based on your interests or messages. If you want to interact with him, just talk.

Weighing only 45g and with a 1.6¨ (320x320pixels) transflective display, the Sony smartwatch is optimized for gadgets with Android 4.3 and later and is waterproof, with an IP68 rating.

Sony SmartWatch

Samsung – Gear

Samsung already has the Gear S, which brings a sophisticated design with a super AMOLED 2.0¨ curved screen (360 × 480), which makes it look even more like traditional watches.

The Tizen operating system brings features such as pedestrian navigation, improved S Voice function that allows you to access various applications without the need to use your hands, S Health cardiac monitoring and personal fitness monitor, advanced communicator with 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that allows calls to be made even when away from the smartphone and screen with the capacity for messages in up to 69 languages.

The Gear S supports 2G (900, 1 800, 850/1 900) and 3G (900/2 100, 850/1 900) mobile networks, 512MB RAM + 4GB internal memory, A-GPS / GLONASS, battery 30 mAh plus accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, HRM, ambient light, UV and barometer sensors.

Samsung Gear

Apple – Apple Watch

The newest wearable from the apple brand arrives in simply three collections, for totally different user styles: Watch (silver or black stainless steel case and sapphire crystal with bracelet options), Watch Sport (silver or gray case with anodized aluminum with ion x glass and colored bracelets) and Watch Edition (18K yellow or pink gold case with sapphire crystal and clasps and bracelet with a different design).

The neat design reserves technological surprises, starting with the traditional crown of traditional watches: in this one you zoom, select, slide, in short, it’s like a mouse. In addition, you feel it in your skin every time you enter a message, as a soft touch warns you of the inbox. Applications appear on the screen as colored bubbles.

Among the novelties is the monitoring of your physical activity, with medication of steps, frequency, quality, quantity of movements, the time you were seated. With just two fingers on the screen, the heart rate sensor records and sends your pulse. The device intelligently uses this data to suggest new activities and physical exercises. It will only work with iPhone versions 5, 5S, 5C 6 and 6 plus and will only be available from 2015.

various models of apple watch
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