How to choose the most cost-effective smartwatch in 2020

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The smartwatch, or smartwatch, is a wearable, that is, a wearable technology. Focused on the practice of physical activities, the gadget provides information related to health and quality of life.

The device also displays notifications received on the smartphone. But there are numerous models of smartwatches, each with its technical specifications and features. To find the most cost-effective smartwatch, read on!

First, the most important.

  • The smartwatch can view and respond to notifications received on the smartphone, such as calls, text messages, emails, and social network updates.
  • The device has several resources used to track information related to the practice of physical activities, such as a heart monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, among others.
  • The smartwatch has a set of technical specifications such as processor, RAM, and operating system.

Best cost-effective smartwatch: Purchase recommendations

We have prepared a list of the most cost-effective smartwatches on the market. You can find entry models to models with robust technical specifications.

  • The best-selling smartwatch
  • The most sophisticated design smartwatch
  • The ideal smartwatch for sports activities

The best-selling smartwatch

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Oled Smart Black Original Sealed

Anyone looking for a smartwatch with interesting technical specifications and an affordable price should invest in Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 smartwatch. The gadget monitors heart rate counts steps taken, calories burned, provides data related to sleep quality, among others. The gadget has water resistance up to 50 meters deep. A recharge lasts up to 20 days.

The most sophisticated design smartwatch

Original Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Smart Watch

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Xiaomi’s Amazfit Bip smartwatch features several health and physical activity features while displaying notifications received on the smartphone. The gadget has unique modes for four sports, has IP68 protection, and long battery life.

The ideal smartwatch for sports activities

Smart Watch Xiaomi Pace 1 GPS, Heart Rate Monitor and Integrated Sleep - iOS AND Android (Red)

For those looking for a smartwatch with a sports design, we recommend buying the Xiaomi Pace smartwatch. The gadget has a cardiac monitor, a spent calorie counter, and a sleep quality monitor. Other differentials are integrated GPS, IP67 resistance, voice control system, NFC payment technology, and music playback via the gadget.

Buying Guide

Whoever wants to explore different ways to increase productivity and quality of life should buy a smartwatch, as the smartwatch can monitor health-related aspects while displaying smartphone notifications.

You will find excellent smartwatches models, but to choose the most cost-effective smartwatch, you must rely on reading this Buying Guide!

Image of a woman using a smartwatch.

Is it worth buying a smartwatch?

The smartwatch is a versatile gadget. It collects health information, such as monitoring heart rate, controlling calories expended, several steps are taken, blood pressure index, and other information. You can also access information related to the practice of individual sports such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, among other sports. And while you sleep, the smartwatch monitors sleep quality.

The gadget is also considered an extension of the smartphone, as it displays the central notifications received, such as calls, text messages, emails, and updates from social networks.

Image of a smartwatch.

What are the essential functions in a smartwatch with the best value for money?

A cost-effective smartwatch delivers the features you need every day. Therefore, we recommend that you take a few minutes to assess whether your chosen model offers the functions listed below: Body monitoring

If you want to optimize diet and physical activity results, look for a smartwatch with features focused on body monitoring. These functions include monitoring your heart rate, counting steps taken, and lost calories.

Look for a smartwatch with accurate body monitoring.

The most modern models allow you to measure blood pressure, while others will enable you to monitor your menstrual cycle. We suggest that you look for a smartwatch with very accurate body monitoring features.


If you want to check notifications without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or purse, make sure your smartphone displays notifications for calls, text messages, and updates from social networks.

If you need complete functionality, be aware that some models allow you to answer calls and answer messages using the smartwatch itself.

Integrated GPS

Whether it is to assist in the daily journey, guide the way on a trail in the middle of the forest, or help find the right path during a trip, it is worth buying a smartwatch with integrated GPS.

Athletes are also very fond of this feature, as the GPS records the route and distance traveled during the walk or run.

Music storage and playback

Some smartwatch models offer the possibility to store some songs in the device’s memory. We suggest that you evaluate the memory capacity and check if the device has a music player as one of the functions.

NFC Payments

Some smartwatches can also be used to make payments, with the simple gesture of bringing the smartwatch closer to the NFC-compatible debit or credit card machine.

What are the benefits of a smartwatch?

  • When you buy a smartwatch with good value for money, you can enjoy a series of benefits such as Reduce the frequency with which you check notifications on your smartphone;
  • Check and respond to messages and calls quickly;
  • Increase concentration on daily tasks;
  • Monitor health-related data.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the smartwatch increases the possibilities of connectivity and communication. Check out more product benefits in the table below:Benefits

  • Discreet design
  • Offers sports-oriented features
  • Displays smartphone notifications
  • Models for children, youth and adults
  • Wide range of models and brands
  • Prices vary according to features


  • Some models have few features

What are the differences between a smartwatch and a smartband?

The differences start with the names, while the smartwatch is a smart watch, the smartband is a smart bracelet. If you want to access information related to the practice of sports, buy a smartband.

The smart bracelet is a sports wearable.  (Source: Nikita Kostrykin /

If you want access to information related to physical activity and want to receive notifications about calls, text messages, e-mail, and updates from social networks, buy a smartwatch.

Purchasing criteria: How to find the most cost-effective smartwatch

Relating the smartwatch’s technical specifications to your needs is the best way to find the most cost-effective smartwatch. To find a gadget compatible with your needs, expectations, and available budget, evaluate the purchase criteria below:

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Connectivity
  • Functions
  • Memory
  • Panel
  • Design
  • Brand

If, after reading the information below, there are still doubts, leave a comment, and we will answer you.

Smartphone compatibility

Generally, the smartwatch is used in conjunction with the smartphone, so before purchasing the wearable, check that the smart watch is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system.

Generally, the smartwatch has its operating system or is equipped with one of the central operating systems on the market, being WatchOS (Apple), WearOS (Google), or Tizen (Samsung).

WatchOS is only compatible with Apple smartphones, just as Tizen is only compatible with Samsung smartphones. WearOS is compatible with smartphones running Android or iOS.

Image of a smartwatch.

Battery life

The smartwatch’s battery life is essential, especially for those who spend many hours away from home. Although most models offer at least 12 hours of continuous use, this is not a rule.

We recommend that you evaluate the capacity of the battery and the approximate durability of continuous use and in standby mode. Some models can switch between different battery modes, that is, in battery saving mode and advanced mode.

Water resistance

With specific features for sports practiced outdoors, it is essential to buy a waterproof smartwatch, to avoid problems in the equipment in contact with rain, shower, pool, or seawater.

In this sense, check the product’s technical specifications and look for the terms IP67, IP68, or ATM, which guarantee immersion up to one meter deep, one and a half meters, or 10 to 100 meters deep, respectively.

Image of a smartwatch.


Analyzing the smartwatch’s connectivity is very important, as this characteristic is related to the access and sharing of information. The simplest options have a Bluetooth connection, while the most modern models connect to the Wireless network.

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has a Samsung Pay function, which also guarantees additional functionality to the device: replace the debit or credit card and be used in business transactions.


Each smartwatch has a set of features. The most common models present smartphone notifications, monitor physical activities, and present data on the individual’s health.

While the most technologically advanced models allow making calls, sending messages, accessing social networks, using various applications, and the internet.


The smartwatch has an internal memory that serves to store applications, media files and increase the device’s functionality. To define the required memory capacity, you need to understand how you will use the smartwatch, and the more features you want to use, the more memory you will need.


Take a moment to review the smartwatch display, which should provide uncomplicated viewing. The screen can be LCD, OLED, or AMOLED.

Also, evaluate the screen size – defined in inches. The smaller the screen size, the more difficult it will be to read the information. However, some people prefer smaller, more discreet models.


You will find options for smartwatches that suit all styles. Some have an analog clock design – the background is personalized with hands – while others have the appearance of a digital clock – usually, the background is customizable.

Some models allow the bracelet to exchange, which will enable you to use a bracelet for every occasion. The bracelets can have different shades and materials – silicone, leather, and metal. Assess the size, weight, and material of the strap before purchasing the smartwatch.

Image of a smartwatch.


Among the best known brands in the technology market, the ones that offer the best models of smart watches are Apple, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and LG.

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