The sale of smartwatches in the market grew by 60% in the second half of 2016, according to Canalys research . However, in the current trade there are many possibilities and different models of smart watch and in this post we will help you how to identify the best smartwatch for you.

For the device to be attractive and considered good it must meet all your needs. Therefore, identifying a good smartwatch depends a lot on what qualifications the user would like to obtain.

The use of a smart watch can be similar to the features that a smartphone  can offer you, but one of the factors for the smartwatch to be good, in addition to suit your needs, is that it offers convenience, practicality and that your experience with the device is elevated, often replacing the use of the cell phone.

With the increase in sales, the battle to win the consumer’s fist has increased, and quite a lot. Large companies like Apple, Samsung, Tag Heuer, Fossil or those that are new to this market like Marciano, are creating smartwatches to deliver notifications, applications and more for their use.

Although the features and functionality vary, the main quality of a smartwatch is the possibility to save time. If you want to quickly check incoming messages, control your music, send messages using only voice commands. You just need to look at your wrist instead of having to unlock your phone. Some smartwatches even work independently from a cell phone, but most are designed as companion devices.

So let’s go to a quick guide on how to identify the best smartwatch.

Quick Tips:

To start with, let’s go with some essential tips to teach you what to worry about when buying your smartwatch.

Make sure your smartwatch will work with your cell phone.

To have a better experience with smart watches the smartphone plus smartwatch set is essential. Even so, there are functions that require work from the two interconnected devices. It is common to use applications together. Exchanging information or aligned configuration is an example. So find out if they are compatible tools.

Choose a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS only if you plan to use these mechanisms.

As we have already mentioned here, there are countless models and brands that produce smart watches. All of them are inserted in the market and the functionalities, that is, the functions that your smartwatch will have, is a great differential. This will determine the trade value the device will have. Therefore, it is important that you buy equipment with only the functions you intend to use or it will probably be useful in the future. Thus, you avoid increasing the cost of your investment. You can also customize your watch to your needs.

Pay attention to the nominal battery life

Battery life is a super important factor when buying your smartwatch. It makes no sense to invest in a device that will not be available during your day to day. So it is necessary that you, when purchasing your watch, pay attention to the battery life time and what can be done in order to save it in addition to the correct way to charge it. In order to make your watch last longer.

Look for a smartwatch that shows the time even when it’s not in use.

The functions of a smartwatch are endless, but it is interesting that the device does not lose its main function, which is that of a watch. It is important that your choice unites your technological needs. Thinking of innovation and practicality, but also be sure to offer the simplicity and elegance that a smart watch should not fail to have.

Application compatibility

Your smartwatch being compatible with all, or at least most of the applications you use on your smartphone is a very important factor. For your experience with the smartwatch to be complete, there must be a good connection between the two devices you will be using. So to choose the best smartwatch for you always think about the similarity of the applications in the chosen model.

The best smartwatch for you

Operating system and device compatibility

Few smartwatches work autonomously. That is, some models need another device, a smartphone, for example, to have 100% of its functions available to the user. So it is very important to note what are the compatibility of the device you are thinking of buying with the mobile phone you already own. The Apple Watch, for example, works only with the latest iPhones (iphone 6, 6S, 7 and 7 Plus). This means that you will not be able to use the device with an Android or old iPhones.

If with Apple the use of your smart watch is limited, on the other hand, some devices with Android Wear are compatible with the iOS of iPhones. Remembering that not all devices and some features cease to exist in this case, there are exceptions. Other smartwatch systems can also be used in more smartphone systems, as is the case of Pebble , which works on Android, iOS and also Windows Phone, already almost extinct in the technological market.

That is, be sure to observe if your smartphone will be able to perform the functions with your smartwatch in an optimized and joint way.

Design and interface

Smartwatches today are much more than electronic devices. As they are a part used daily, some models have the option of customization. The best smartwatches offer a choice of straps or the ability to exchange them for a third party option. Most smartwatches today offer many customization options before purchase. You can choose the color of the band and material, as well as the face color, finish and size for watches such as Moto 360 and Apple Watch, for example.

Keep in mind that comfort should always be your first option. As well as the ease with which you can attach the watch to your wrist. After all, it must not be forgotten that the watch will be used daily and should serve as a tool to add up.

Among the available options, it is necessary to choose between a touch screen or with buttons on its surface. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages. A touch-display interface, for example, may seem easier to navigate. Still, it can sometimes be difficult to target items on a smaller touchscreen and some of the gesture-based interfaces are not intuitive.

Working with the example of the two most used operating systems. Android Wear software does a good job of presenting card-based notifications that you can easily ignore to reach other apps.

With the Apple watch, the company opted for a combination approach. You can use the crown on the watch to quickly zoom in or scroll

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Battery Life

The battery is a very important factor to think about when choosing the best Smartwatch for you. If your idea was to use your smart watch for several days without having to recharge, this will have to be rethought. Because it has an increasingly advanced technology, almost no device allows more than a day of autonomy. For this analysis it must be considered that we are talking about a moderate or high usage, in which the equipment is used several times and with several functionalities. What can help save battery is the joint use and integrated with your smartphone. This combination can provide even better results.

Even with this probable problem, it is very important that you always choose the devices that suit your needs. Only then is it possible to guarantee the choice of the best smartwatch for you. There is always the possibility to recharge the device every day. As if he were a smartphone. If this is executable there will be no problems. Otherwise, it will be necessary to choose devices that are able to offer more autonomy. In that case, think of options that do not have a touchscreen or that use the e-ink system .

Notifications and Alerts

One of the functions that is made easier with the use of a smartwatch is the issue of notifications and alerts. Currently most of the best smartwatch models will alert you to receive calls, emails and text messages. Whether with a vibration or a quick touch on your wrist. This mechanism can help you to discreetly check messages and appointments that may be important. In addition it is also possible to have a great interaction with your social networks. Being able to select notifications and apps that can send alerts to your smart watch.

A good example of this function can be seen in the Apple model. Apple Watch allows the user to swipe down from the top of the screen to see notifications. While Android Wear lets you swipe up from the bottom to see your most recent messages.

Some smartwatches offer more customization options. The Samsung Gear S3, for example, allows you to decide which notifications reach your wrist using the Gear Manager app on your phone.

The important thing in this aspect is that your smartwatch is aligned with your preferences. That is, that it does not let you miss any commitment and still helps you to view your schedule, messages and alerts in a practical and quick way.

Special Features: Fitness, Voice Command and More

Healthy living is increasingly on the rise. People are looking to include physical activity in their routines. With that in mind, most smartwatch models come with some fitness options from the factory. Through the integration of activity monitoring functions. Some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for tracking locomotion and even some details of the exercises that have been done, but most have an internal pedometer to monitor steps.

On Android Wear devices, for example, models have a built-in heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch also features a heart rate sensor.

In addition to these monitors, both the Apple Watch 2 and the Samsung Gear S3 have GPS, which makes them more attractive to those who want to practice running activities or exercise outdoors and want to track their movements.

To further improve your experience there are apps that are exclusively geared to the practice of physical exercises , following a fitness line and with a healthier life. Reconciling these platforms with the features offered by your smartwatch is certainly synonymous with quality of life and practicality.

Do you use your smartwatch for fitness functions? Tell your experience in the comments!

Do you want to make calls from your fist? A smartwatch has the functionality to send messages using only the voice. This mechanism can be used on all makes and models by changing only the command depending on the operating system you use. Apple Watch allows you to do this if you have your phone nearby.

Using this functionality really is super practical and saves you time. The convenience of not having to have your cell phone always at hand to send a quick reply to any message can help you in your daily life. However, it is necessary that you analyze whether the model you intend to buy is compatible with these features. The function has to be useful for you at some point in your day, only then is it guaranteed that you have chosen the best smartwatch for you.

Find the price that fits in your pocket

When we analyze which is the best smartphone, the price of the devices can vary widely. From cell phones with very high prices to some models that meet the needs and have more popular values. When analyzing smartwatches to choose which is the best smartwatch the situation will be no different. The value of smart watches, currently on the market, can change a lot according to the brand and the number of functions that the device carries.

Really, we have to admit, the models that offer high-level features and performance that justify their price. For this reason, it is very important to always think about how much each device costs and what each one offers. After all, you won’t want to spend too much on a device that offers differentials that you won’t be using, don’t you think?

Also remember that it is important to think of the best smartphone combo with the best smartwatch. So the activities carried out with the junction of these two mega devices can result in something very well done.

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