Should you buy a smartwatch?

Should you buy a smartwatch?

Opinions about buying a smartwatch are often divided. Some consider such a device to be a senseless analog of a smartphone, while others find their advantages using a gadget.

general information

Smartwatches have become quite a popular gadget. A smartwatch combines the function of a regular watch and the capabilities of a smartphone. Initially, the gadget was invented to facilitate only some tasks. For example, it had a built-in calculator or an alarm clock. But over time, smartwatches’ functionality has expanded, manufacturers began to equip the product with new features.

Today, smartwatches can be synchronized with a mobile phone and answer incoming messages and calls. Through the device, you can control your smartphone, make contactless payments, and view email. Also, smartwatches help with sports: they count calories, keep the pulse under control and count the number of steps. The watch also serves as a navigator: it gives hints during the route.

To figure out whether it is worth buying a smartwatch, you need to consider its main advantages and disadvantages.

Smart watch


The popular device has a lot of advantages:

  • Ease of use. The watch is synchronized with the main smartphone, and you do not need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag to answer a call. This is very useful in a hurry or in cold weather.
  • It is possible to quickly find a lost phone if it is within the range of Bluetooth support. When the device is found, the smartwatch emits a characteristic sound.
  • You can make calls through your smartwatch even if your smartphone is dead—a convenient feature for emergencies.
  • Control of your health. The gadget helps calculate the calories burned, keep the pulse under control, and provide information about the kilometers traveled. The device system also makes various alerts to the user about the need to charge or warm up.
  • Help with orientation on the terrain. You don’t need to have a navigator handy to get to the right place. All you need to do is set the route on your device and follow the directions.
  • The ability to take photos, record the crucial moments on a dictaphone if there is no phone at hand.
  • You can download various applications to facilitate some tasks that are not included in the device’s functionality.
  • The compactness and durability of the device allow you to use it for active sports and unnecessary trips. In cases of field trips and picnics, you may not take your smartphone with you at all to prevent loss but use only a smartwatch.
  • The ability to track the location of children and always know where they are. There is such an opportunity in phones. However, children often lose them, and smartwatches are still in their hands.
Using a smart watch


In addition to the positive aspects, the device also has some disadvantages:

  • Smartwatches are a regular extension of a smartphone, performing almost the same properties. Also, for the device’s full functioning, mandatory synchronization with a smartphone is required; otherwise, many gadgets will not work.
  • The primary purpose of the watch, that is, information about the time, is available only when the device is on the wrist, and in other cases, this function does not work.
  • Some models need regular charging, the battery in the device can run out several times a day with active use. Therefore, there is a high probability of being in a critical situation without the help of a smartwatch.
  • When synchronizing with the phone, the gadget receives all notifications about unread messages, missed calls, new emails. These notifications can be very disruptive and annoying to others.
  • Relatively high cost. Some models of smart gadgets presented by popular brands today are quite expensive. For example, an Apple Watch costs about 35,000 rubles. The cost can, of course, justify the quality. However, there is no possibility that the device’s functionality will be relevant in a few years. Every year the development of technology moves up, and the properties that are in the watch today may become obsolete tomorrow. It turns out that the money was wasted.
  • In the event of a breakdown, expensive repairs await users. Most often, the owners have problems with the screen, the replacement of which costs a decent amount. Also, you must contact an official repair center for a quality repair, where additional costs may be required. To save money, going to regular workshops is highly discouraged because of the possibility of bringing additional malfunctions to the device’s operation.
  • Heart rate and calorie consumption indicators often show conditional information that may differ significantly from reality.
  • The watch device does not support some document formats, so many files cannot be opened on them.
  • If the watch strap breaks, you will not be able to fix the problem on your own because there is a unique antenna in the strap. You will either have to change the device entirely or order a new part in the store where it was initially purchased.
  • It is not very convenient to view photos, videos, and web pages from the gadget’s small screen. It is most likely that you will not be able to look at the necessary details in detail.
  • You can make calls from the device. However, to find the desired contact, you will have to search for it on the small screen. It is easier to find a phone in your pocket and make a call to the right person in such cases.

In general, if you want some changes, you can purchase a smart watch. For the first time, it is better to focus on models of the middle price category. It is also recommended to study all the selected gadget’s properties carefully and functions, consult with a specialist and issue an additional warranty card.

Advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches

In our time, what kind of technology is not only released, I have already written reviews about a wall clock with remote control and my opinion whether a wristwatch is needed, but this time it will be about connecting a  smartwatch with a smartphone. We will see their advantages and disadvantages to understand, and whether you need a smartwatch. I will do the review using the example of the  zd09 smartwatch, which I purchased for myself.

A smartwatch is a watch phone, and it can be used as a separate cell phone ( if you insert a SIM card ) and as a speaker for your smartphone. In general, this is the remote control of your smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

Do I need a smartwatch?

Yes, you can live without them, as well as without the cell phone itself, but if:

  • you wear a wristwatch on your  wrist
  • do you have a smartphone
  • there is a SIM card that has no place in the smartphone

This watch is just for you! This is somehow brief and generalized but now point by point all the advantages and disadvantages.


As for the pedometer, stopwatch, sleep timer, alarm clock, music player, calendar, calculator, voice recorder, and cellular communication, we will not talk about it. It is in any cell phone, although it is more convenient to use them on a watch than on a smartphone in some moments. I’ll cover this in the Benefit Points.

  1. It is very convenient in winter, as it is always infuriating to take your smartphone out of your pocket in the cold, and even without knowing who is calling, you may not need this person. With a smartwatch, you look at your watch, see who is calling, press the button to take the call, and start talking.
  2. When you listen to music on headphones and call you, you press to accept the call on the headset, and you do not know who is calling you. With the watch, you, as in the first point of the advantage, just looked at the clock and saw the incoming call from whom and then decided to pick up the phone or not.
  3. It is very convenient when you are driving or have your hands busy, for example, you are doing something ( cooking, washing dishes, repairing something, etc. ). The fact is that you are just talking on the speakerphone, wherever you are, there and the clock, since they are on your hand. The speaker volume and microphone power are at the proper level. You don’t have to yell and listen in silence. Works with a bang!
  4. It is very convenient if you are jarring and constantly leave your smartphone somewhere, since if your distance is more than the Bluetooth supports, then the clock will emit a sound, you will come back and pick up your smartphone, unless it remains on the bus or taxi, because when you get the signal it will be too late.
  5. A Bluetooth screen is not needed every day, but when something is somewhere where you cannot put your head ( for example, under a low bed where you have it, something rolled like a ring ), it is very convenient. You put your cell phone in there, and on the clock, you see where your thing has rolled away.
  6. Have you ever had a situation when you need to call urgently, your smartphone is dead?  It doesn’t matter if you have a watch phone, there is also your own SIM card, and you can safely call from your watch ( unless of course, you have a balance for outgoing calls there ).
  7. Style and uniqueness. The smartwatch looks very beautiful and unique on the hand. Few people have such, so they attract attention, especially watch lovers and the opposite sex.
  8. There is a Russian language (there are many different languages ​​in general ).
  9. Spy things. Photo and Video Camera, voice recorder, dial a phone number for a call, while all this can be done hidden so that no one can see, since no one expects it to be done from the clock. You can also turn on the dictaphone recording on your smartphone ( leaving it in the right place ) from the watch, but again you need a special application, applying point 13 of this section. ADVANTAGES.
  10. The clock has practically no internal memory ( there are kilobytes ), but a large amount of the maximum connected micro flash drive, up to 16 Gb ( some up to 32 Gb ), is enough for the eyes.
  11. You can dial the called number on the watch, but by indicating the smartphone’s SIM card and then the call will be outgoing from the SIM card of the smartphone, although you dialed the number on the watch.
  12. In some situations, you may not take your smartphone with you. For example: when you have an active holiday ( skiing, cycling, skateboarding ), so as not to break your smartphone when you fall, or when a uniform with not enough pockets ( leotards and a T-shirt ), or you need to go to a party in a formal suit and you want to look stylish so that the pockets do not sag from the weight and dimensions of the smartphone. They just took and put on a  smartwatch and, if necessary, it will be possible to both receive and make a call from the clock.
  13. You can go to Google Play and find various apps to your liking that can change how your watch works in a broad direction of functionality. Download new themes, new types of graphic clocks, some games.
  14. Upload games. Of course, these games cannot be compared with games on a smartphone, but various puzzles ( such as tic-tac-toe, tag, etc. ) and puzzles are sometimes quite fun to play, and doing it on a watch and in someone’s sight will be surprising.
  15. You can set tracking by the navigator. Thus, you will always know where your child or your significant other is. Of course, this function can be connected to the phone itself. Still, if you consider the unpleasant possibilities that the phone can be lost, broken, discharged, forgotten somewhere or taken away by someone, then the watch is always on hand. Therefore, a plus in the ADVANTAGES section.

This is where the  advantages of smartwatches are over and we move on to the disadvantages .


  1. The discharge of the battery, which needs to be charged at least once a week, but it is necessary, although the cord is the same as from the smartphone, and the Bluetooth connection further increases the discharge of the smartwatch battery .
  2. No headphone jack. You can plug the headphones into your smartphone, and they will work, but it would be more convenient if the jack was still in the clock, at least in case there is no smartphone at hand (they forgot it at home or the battery on the smartphone runs out ).
  3. Suppose you are a music lover and love it when your smartphone plays your favorite song track. In that case, unfortunately, there is no polyphony in the watch and incoming calls on the smartwatch will annoy with a mono-sonorous pelican.
  4. It is very difficult to choose a contact from the watch phonebook since it is written very small, the screen is small, and the fingers are thick? …
  5. On the keyboard, by default, the language is English and to switch to Russian, it becomes a very tedious task since there are a lot of languages, and Russian is almost at the very bottom of the list. To select someone from the list of contacts, you need to switch the language, but you’ll do it all enrages for now. I failed in making the Russian language on the keyboard by default, so I made contacts in the watch in English (if I have a connection IVANOV VANYA on my smartphone, then in the watch phone, this contact is registered by IVANOV VANY) only to avoid the language switching procedure on the clock keyboard. Switching keyboard languages ​​is not very convenient.
  6. It supports a flash drive, but does not support reading text such as notepad, notes, sticky notes, so you cannot open these files. You can install the application ( section  ADVANTAGES,  paragraph 13 ) and you can read not only test files, but also e-books, but not everyone is smart. By default, there is no such possibility, which means we refer to the DISADVANTAGES section.
  7. There is no instruction in Russian ( only in English and Chinese ). I didn’t find it on the Internet either; the only way is translation. Although I figured out the watch without problems, not all people are so savvy. If there are many languages ​​in the watch itself, then the instructions should have been made in the same languages.
  8. You cannot upload music in folders, only files, otherwise, the player will not see them, and sorting music files without folders greatly complicates the work.
  9. A call can be made from the watch to a contact from a smartphone, but finding the desired contact in a smartwatch greatly complicates the procedure, due to the small screen, although there is a search, but again point 5 from the DISADVANTAGES section pops up .
  10. Viewing video on a very small screen ( only one fourth of the screen ) and also a very meager list of supported video formats. In general, this function is practically useless, if only in some emergency moments it can and will come in handy, but not for comfort, for sure.
  11. You cannot switch the call mode from the watch to the smartphone ( to conduct a conversation on the smartphone ) if you receive a call on the watch’s SIM card. As a result, the SIM card that is in the clock can only be used through the clock loudspeaker, which will be listened to by the surrounding people. Although there may be an application ( see  ADVANTAGES  point # 13 ) that will allow you to do this, but since this is only a theory, so far there is a direct road to  DISADVANTAGES .
  12. You cannot change the native strap of the  smartwatch  to any other, since it has a built-in antenna, but you can buy another one in the same online store. The reason for the replacement, for example, you wanted a leather strap, or a different color, or your strap is broken – torn.
  13. There is a web browser and you can go online from your watch. This is more show-off than benefit, since the reason to access the Internet from such a small screen can only be the presence of a magnifying glass with you having other Internet sources. In short, self-indulgence.  

So, the score of the advantages and disadvantages of smartwatches was:  15 to 13, and if you list all the gadgets that can be used by downloading the necessary applications, then the score will rise sharply in favor of the ADVANTAGES section. Therefore, the final choice, as always, is yours,  needed if the smartwatch  you or not, it’s up to you, but its assessment will state this: I  smartwatch liked and I am glad that I have them now have and I can connect smartwatch with your smartphone to enjoy additional conveniences that other people do not have.

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