Smartwatch selection rules – TOP useful tips

We live in the era of smart gadgets; literally, every household appliance in our house becomes smart. Even ordinary wristwatches have turned into smartwatches.


Is a smartwatch a functional device or a fashion accessory?

Useful functions in smartwatches that will come in handy.

What is the difference between watches for women, men, children, older people?

TOP 10 models of smartwatches on the Ukrainian market

Every day we receive a huge amount of information from various sources. Information can be multifaceted, and its source is most often the global Internet. Simultaneously, in current conditions, we can connect to the network thanks to various devices. For example, if earlier we could have access to the Internet only thanks to a desktop or laptop, now we can go online even thanks to a smartphone, tablet, or even a wristwatch. But it will not be just a wristwatch, but the smartest watch.

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - smartwatch on the keyboard

In most cases, to fully use a smartwatch, we need to sync it with a smartphone. In this case, in addition to various information from the network, such as the exact time, weather, current location, data on physical activity, and the like, we will be notified of incoming calls and messages, we will be able to control the smartphone player and its primary functions, and in some separate cases even answer calls and talk using smartwatches. Simultaneously, the best smart watches may not differ from their usual counterparts in appearance because their electronic display can completely duplicate the look of the most famous world brands. Thanks to this, we can get both a stylish gadget and a functional device.

Is a smart watch a functional device or a fashion accessory?

Before buying any gadget, we weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. So when buying a smartwatch, the pros and cons are of great importance. As strange as it may sound, the best smartwatches compete with the most common wristwatches. The fact is that it so happened historically that high-quality and even expensive wristwatches are a sign of the prestige and success of their owner. But with the advent of smart watches on the market, this statement was somewhat shaken because many admirers of expensive Swiss watches began to turn their attention to the best smart watch models.

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There are two main reasons for this. According to the first reason, smartwatches are becoming a fashionable accessory that can completely replace our expensive wristwatches. The fact is that we will be able to bring the appearance of their display in full compliance with watches from well-known brands. But at the same time, their functionality will be broader. However, I do not think that we are saving when buying smartwatches because their cost may not differ from the branded counterparts of ordinary watches.

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If we opt for smartwatches and the standard functionality that ordinary watches perform, we also get a massive set of functions. Smartwatches 2018 greatly simplifies our everyday lives because even when someone calls us, we can see it on the watch display only by raising our hand. We will no longer need to take the smartphone out of our pocket, and if we do not want to answer the call, we can also drop the market using the watch. And we will also be able to access the Internet, where a lot of different opportunities open up for us.

Useful features in your smartwatch that will come in handy

If we consider the best smartwatches, then dividing them into a fashion accessory or functional gadget is not worth it. The fact is that they turn out to be both one and the second at the same time. But suppose everything is clear and obvious with the quality of a fashion accessory, after all, by applying the appropriate display settings and dressing them in the appropriate strap. In that case, we can make the appearance of a smartwatch solid. What is meant by a functional device? And the functionality is confirmed by the many options that smartwatches have, and here are the most popular and demanded ones.

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - smartwatches with a large bezel
  • Fitness – smartwatches can act as a fitness tracker and notify us about the distance we walked, the number of steps, measure our heart rate, and sometimes even body temperature. Also, with the clock’s help, we can be notified of the calories burned and the speed of movement. We will be able to use smartwatches during training, they will let us know when to pause training and rest and when to resume.
  • Time – like most ordinary wristwatches, smartwatches also carry the function of notifying us about the current time. But at the same time, we will be able to synchronize them with the Internet, and they will show us the most accurate time. Also, we will be able to use the functions of a smart alarm clock, which will track the phases of our sleep.
Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - smartwatches with a classic dial
  • Calls and messages – if we synchronize our watch with a smartphone, then all calls and messages that will come to it will be duplicated on our smartwatch. It is convenient because without taking the smartphone out of our pocket or purse, we can see who is calling us or read the text of the message. In some cases, we can even answer the call if the watch is equipped with a headset.
  • Smartphone control – most often, this feature is implemented in smartphone player control. After all, if we are a fan of listening to music from a smartphone, such as in headphones, we can switch tracks, make the sound louder, or something else directly on the watch.
  • GPS – thanks to smartwatches, we will also be able to use navigation because many models are equipped with a GPS sensor that determines our location. Thanks to special applications, we will plot the most optimal routes and measure the distance to the object we need.
Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - smartwatches on your wrist
  • Internet – smartwatches can be synchronized not only with a smartphone but also with the Internet. Thanks to this, we will be able to receive critical information, for example, about the current or future weather, read some news, as well as receive emails or messages on social networks.
  • Children’s parents’ options head child control – the current rating of smartwatches for their children. This is done so that parents know where their child is now and what he is doing. This happens thanks to the built-in GPS sensor, and sometimes you can even make a silent call and listen to what is happening around our child.

What is the difference between watches for women, men, children, older people?

Having objectively weighed all the advantages of smart watches and their useful functionality, we can make a clear decision whether we need them or not. And if we nevertheless came to the understanding that we need them, we immediately face the question of which smart watch to choose. Tastes and preferences can be completely different, depending on age, because children may like one gadget, and an older person is entirely different. So what is the real difference between smartwatches for children, the older generation, or women and men?

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - women's smartwatches

Watches for women. How to choose a smartwatch for a woman, and how can it differ from the rest? If we talk about the functionality, then nothing special. But if we consider their appearance and dimensions, then they will undoubtedly be a little smaller and more elegant because a woman’s brush, as a rule, is thinner than a man’s. And, of course, the color of the watch will be more glamorous.

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - men's smartwatches

Watches for men . Most often, the size of smartwatches for men is limited only by the size of the wrist. Moreover, they must be massive with an outstanding bezel. This design turns out to be the most attractive and solid. At the same time, you can install the dial you like, which veils our smartwatches under the expensive Swiss classic wristwatches.

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - children's smartwatches in different colors

Watches for children . In addition to children’s design and all kinds of decoration by fixes or other cartoon characters, children’s smart watches become an indispensable assistant and assistant for parents. Thanks to them, we can always know where our child is and even what is happening to him. We will be able to make a silent call to them and listen to what is happening around, and in some models even look with the camera.

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - smartwatches for the older generation

It watches for the older generation. In our time, the older generation is just beginning to get used to modern gadgets and devices. And if touchscreen smartphones and tablets have already become more or less familiar to them, then our grandparents are just beginning to look closely at smartwatches. Suppose a person of the older generation chooses a smartwatch for himself. In that case, most often, he pays attention to external parameters and functionality, and the selection algorithm is almost identical to the one that we considered for men’s or women’s watches.

 TOP 10 smartwatches on the market in Ukraine

The popularity of smartwatches is growing every year or month, but every day more and more new users activate their devices. We examined all the advantages that we get when using such watches and how they may differ from each other. We have selected for you the current rating of smartwatches, which are the most popular and in demand.

Samsung Gear S3

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - samsung gear s3

These watches are available in two versions – frontier and classic. These versions differ only in design, but their functionality is identical. In view of their size, such watches are more suitable for men because they can look bulky on a woman’s hand. In addition to the solid external design, this model is waterproof according to the iP68 standard.

Amazfit Bip

Outwardly, such watches very much remind us of the famous Apple Watch. We will be able to choose them in entirely different colors but in the same functionality. Despite the low cost, such watches are protected from dust and moisture and modern smartwatches’ main functionality.

Samsung Gear Sport 

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - samsung gear sport

This modification of the watch looks more neat outwardly than the Gear S3. They are smaller in physical size, so they are often chosen for a woman’s hand. This edition was initially designed for athletes and had excellent water resistance. Here are just no headsets in this model.

Elari Kidphone 2 

What about without children? This model is intended for children because it is made with the appropriate design and functionality. But the desire of children to have a smartwatch only plays into our hands, because thanks to this we can always be aware of where our child is and whether everything is in order with him.

Elari FixiTime 3 

Smartwatch selection rules_TOP useful tips - Elari FixiTime 3

Another option for children’s watches, which with its functionality will completely suit your child, but at the same time will allow you to be aware of his location and safety. Unlike the previous model, FixiTime 3 has a watch removal sensor and two additional cameras.

Nomi W 20 

Budget gadgets turn out to be one of the most popular, regardless of the type of device. Therefore, smartwatches, which have wide functionality, but at the same time have a low cost, are becoming the most popular and purchased.

Apple Watch Series 3 

Smartwatch Selection Guidelines_TOP Useful Tips - Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch has an individual and recognizable design, but other than that, it is almost a critical link in the Apple ecosystem. They can sync with any device from Apple iPhone to iPad or MacBook.

Elari Kidphone 3G 

Another children’s watch, but with more advanced parameters. They are realized in greater autonomy and a better display. They also increased the amount of internal memory, which in the new model is 4 GB.

Garmin Fenix ​​5S Plus Sapphire 

Smartwatch Selection Guidelines_TOP Useful Tips - Garmin Fenix ​​5S Plus Sapphire

For watches, not only water resistance and functionality are essential, but also high durability. For this model, the durability is ensured by the sapphire crystal coating, which ensures that our smartwatches’ case remains free of any scratches or damage.


Another type of children’s smartwatch that will allow us to be aware of our child’s location is thanks the GPS sensor. They can also act as a headset, but you can also carry out covert monitoring of the child’s situation. After making a silent call, we will hear everything that is happening at that moment.

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