Smartwatch: what are smart watches for?

Nowadays, it is very common for people to use various electronic devices to make their lives easier, with some having quite obvious functions, but others not so much. For example, many people do not know exactly the reason for having a smartwatch, with smartphones already covering a good part of its functions. We answer this and other questions below.

The idea of ​​a watch that serves more than just showing the time is not particularly new, since a few decades ago it was common to find models that united the accessory and calculator. Even with these models that flirted with the idea of ​​programming their agenda directly on the wrist already on the market, the first real smartwatch was only to appear in 1998, when Seiko launched the Ruputer.

The smart watch had no touch screen, it needed a tiny joystick to select options, which were very limited, such as accessing contact numbers and a simple game. In addition, it was able to communicate with other devices via an infrared signal port.

The launch of Ruputer helped to popularize or, at least, shape the idea of ​​what a smartwatch would be, with varied models reaching the market over the years, but without heavy support from the general public.

The arrival of the apple watch

Things started to change in 2014, when Apple announced the first generation of the Apple Watch. In the months before the launch, part of the public did not believe much in the potential of the smartwatch, repeating the behavior shown after the iPad announcement.

Disclosure / Apple

Apple’s smart watch hit stores the same year and was successful, showing an integration hitherto only dreamed of with smartphones, mainly iPhones. This acceptance led other companies to start developing their own models, using their own operating systems, such as Samsung’s Tizen OS, or a version of Android called Wear OS.

The popularization of China’s smartwatch

Companies like Xiaomi have invested heavily in the production of smartwatch models for different audiences, but which soon fell in consumer taste. Models such as Amazfit Verge have several functions that range from reading messages from your smartphone, receiving notifications, monitoring your daily activities, monitoring the user’s heartbeat, among others.

Disclosure / Xiaomi

It is interesting to comment that smartbands , like the Mi Band, are still a type of smartwatch, since they have similar functions, but are simpler and need constant connection with smartphones, while smartwatches can be more independent, despite their reason for be end up making it easier to access information found on your smartphone.

Obviously, there are completely independent models, like the Kospet Hope 4G , which even includes eSIM input, allowing you to even make phone calls directly from the smartwatch.

A stylish facilitator

In summary, smartwatches serve as a way to facilitate access to information, usually present on your smartwatch, without having to take your phone out of your pocket. If you really need that quick access, in addition to liking a watch with a customizable style, buying a smartwatch can really help in your day to day.

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The choice of the model depends entirely on the type of activity you are used to, and it is a good idea to analyze reviews, whether written or on video, which show exactly how the device is in use.

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Smartwatch 2020: what are the 5 best smart watch models?

The interest in smart watches grew 300% in the last year and drives the sale of wearable devices in the Brazilian market.

Undoubtedly, one of the main trends for this year in the consumer technology market is the search for wearable devices, from English, ” wearables “, being the main item of consumer desire in this category, smart watches.

According to the Google Trends website, which tracks the interest of users from different segments, in the last 12 months there was a 300% growth in the search for smartwatch, interest which was reflected in sales of smart watches in the last year and promises a even greater growth this year 2020.

But what is a smartwatch?

The smartwatch, translated from the English “smart watch” is a watch that brings functions similar to that of a cell phone. These smart watches receive notifications connected to your cell phone on your screen, being able to receive and make calls, translate content, offer access to your e-mail or social networks in the same way that is done on your smartphone, in addition to having a heart monitor, heart rate meter. steps, altimeter among other functions, varying for each model or brand.

Whoever wants to buy a smartwatch should know that, when choosing a smart watch model and brand, one should not only think about price, but what functions are desired, as well as choosing a smartphone.

Currently, there are several different brands and models on the market, each aimed at an audience, such as Apple Watch, Xiaomi, Samsung Gear and at this point it is important to analyze its characteristics before buying a smartwatch.

Following are the smartwatch models featured in 2020:

  1. Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 smart watch model is perfect for iPhone users who want to get maximum compatibility with their devices. The Apple Watch 4 even with the launch of the Watch 5 is still a great option today. Among its functions, stand out fall detection, GPS, electrocardiogram sensor and just like the other models, the Apple Watch S4 is resistant to 5atm water. It has a relatively lower price than its successor and is found in two storage options, 8GB or 16GB, in addition to coming with OLED screen and capacity for 18 hours of battery. The model is still highlighted in the year 2020 for lovers of the Apple brand who want a more affordable smart watch.

  • Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch 5 carries the same settings as the predecessor Watch 4, but with some advantages, such as 32GB storage, compass and the incredible emergency call function that works even internationally, as soon as the user demonstrates danger in some way like in a fall without a response or a decrease in your heart rate, the call is made in about 150 countries around the world, so whoever wears this smartwatch is completely safe wherever they are.

The material used in the design of the Apple Watch 5 has had some improvements, which was previously only aluminum, today is also made of titanium, stainless steel and ceramics. These materials help in the resistance and also in the beautiful design that Apple left for the same. The Apple Watch 5 costs around R $ 2,073.16 and can be purchased at stores such as Mastertronic.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3

In the same way that the Watch 4 has a successor version on the market, but it is still a good option for those who want to buy their first smart watch at a good cost-benefit, the Mi Band 3 watch from Xiaomi follows the same proposal. A simple, beautiful and very cheap smartwatch model, but still with many essential functions in a smartwatch.

The battery of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can last for around 20 days. The watch has a sleep and heart rate meter, step counter and the distance traveled by the user, as well as features such as calendar reminders and weather forecast. This smartwatch is perfect for those who want the elegance of a smart watch paying very little, since there is no lack of basic features among the most modern models. You can find the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for sale starting at R $ 115.20 by purchasing at the Mastertronic store.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Compared to the brand’s Mi Band 3, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has been updated in every way possible. The first and most notable is on the screen, which now besides being bigger also has a better resolution and brings with it colors that were not possible before. Another visible change in the Mi Band 4 is the possibility to change music and use the accelerometer. In its highlights, its predecessor model was maintained, water resistance up to 50 meters deep.

When comparing the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with the model of the also Chinese, Huawei Watch GT, the Xiaomi version comes out ahead, presenting far beyond the basic functions at a more affordable price, living up to its well-known cost-benefit.

Another differential of Mi Band 4 are the themed bracelets, costing a little more than the ordinary bracelet, but with a design characteristic of superheroes for example. This watch costs around R $ 156.60 when buying at the Mastertronic store.

  • Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smartwatch can be considered the most cost-effective among smart watch models. With a price around R $ 314.00, Xiaomi’s smart watch offers incredible technologies for its price. Features like its battery that can last for up to 45 days, water resistant watch up to 50 meters deep and finally features related to health and practicality on a daily basis, such as GPS, email, sleep monitoring, biometric sensor, heart rate analysis and many other functions for sports players.

What makes this smartwatch so good are not only its features, but also, its incredible 1.2Ghz dual core processor and a beautifully designed screen with a strong light around. A perfect smart watch for those who don’t want to spend a lot, but also don’t want to miss out on new technologies and performance.

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