The best men’s smart watches 2020

Wearable electronics around us are becoming more and more every year. Some of us have already decided to buy a smart watch, while others are in thought. “KP” talks about the best smart watches for men that you can buy in 2020.

1. Apple Watch 5 (from 33 thousand rubles)

Apple’s device is the best you can get if you have an iPhone. Compared to the Apple Watch 4, the watch does not have many significant updates, but the main thing is that it comes with a constantly on display for the first time. This means that you will not need to raise the clock to see what is needed. Instead, the device will display most of the information you need on a darkened screen.

The design is similar to Apple Watch 4, but here the user will get a larger display – the device comes with sizes of 40 mm or 44 mm. Many fitness features have been added: ECG monitor, GPS tracking, impressive heart rate monitoring and much more.

+ Always included
+ Performance

– Price

2. FOSSIL Sport Smartwatch (from 20 thousand rubles)

Over the past few years, Fossil has gained extensive experience in innovative technology. All this led to the creation of the best smart watches that the manufacturer has made at the moment

Fossil Sport – top watches with a lower price than that of Apple or Samsung. They are equipped with GPS, lightweight, but at the same time have a premium design and work for at least two days on a single charge.

Fossil integrates the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which is Qualcomm’s latest update and offers better performance than many old Wear OS watches.

+ Nice design
+ Performance

– Lack of high-end features

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch (from 18 thousand rubles)

The smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch in a silver case with a strict black strap looks stylish on a man’s hand. The 1.3-inch touch screen is made using Super AMOLED technology, which means it is economical and bright. The watch runs on the Samsung platform for Tizen smart devices and allows you to connect to devices from versions of Android 5.0, iOS 9. There is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. Built-in 4 GB memory allows you to listen to music from the watch during training and walking, and the protection of the IP68 case – not to be afraid of water and dust.

+ Stylish appearance
+ Great screen

– Short runtime (80 hours)

4. Fitbit Versa (from 12 thousand rubles)

The novelty of the popular manufacturer of wearable electronics Fitbit is made not for athletes, but for ordinary users. The case is made of aluminum alloy, which is not afraid of shock; the watch also has a simple moisture protection, which will allow you to take a shower in them without consequences. 1.34 inch backlit touch screen. On board the Fitbit Versa there are all kinds of sensors – from an altimeter to a heart rate monitor with the ability to continuously measure heart rate. The watch works with Android, iOS and Windows.

+ Strong construction
+ Many sensors that will help in training

– Lack of ability to listen to music
– No support for the Russian language

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (from 11 thousand rubles)

Everything is simple here – Samsung has reduced most of the technologies available in the Galaxy Watch, in a more sporty version, thinner, lighter and, for someone, even more convenient.

The Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with a 1.1-inch 360×360 display, which, being bright and beautiful, allows you to wear a smaller watch on your wrist than many other devices on this list. The device is still equipped with all the best fitness features that can be expected from the Samsung Tizen line of watches, but it does not have a rotating bezel or LTE option that the user will receive from a more top-end product.

But the best part is the price. This, of course, is not a very cheap smart watch, but compared to the original Galaxy Watch, you can always prefer this version without sacrificing your wallet.

+ Great design
+ Price

– No LTE

6. Huawei Watch 2 Sport (from 18 thousand rubles)

Smart watches from Huawei boast a balance of strict appearance, manufacturability and price, which will appeal to men. In a plastic case, there is a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen, which is covered with scratch-resistant glass. All modern sensors in stock. For example, the Watch 2 Sport boasts a compass and an altimeter. The device runs on the Android Wear platform and is compatible, besides the “green robot”, also with iOS. And also, the watch has the ability to play music via Bluetooth and make contactless payments using an NFC chip.

+ The presence of all modern interfaces
+ Strong case
– Not the highest speed

7. Amazfit Bip (from 4 thousand rubles)

Some of the most “popular” smart watches on the market have been released by Xiaomi Amazfit. And this is really a very interesting device – working on a single charge for up to 35 days, built-in GPS and a unique transflective display that allows you to see information on it without backlight. To all this, you should add the support of all the common mobile OS and the convenient MiFit application, which many fans of fitness bracelets are used to.

+ Very affordable price
+ Huge

battery life on one charge – Flimsy case

8. Casio G-SHOCK GST-B100-1A (from 19 thousand rubles)

The representative of classic watches, however, is quite smart. Here, instead of the fashionable AMOLED screen, there is a familiar dial. But there is full synchronization with Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth technology. G-SHOCK’s brutal corporate appearance, which is completely unattainable for new-fangled devices, the autonomy of the solar battery and water resistance, is an advantage of watches.

+ Classic appearance that will appeal to fans of the old school
+ Off-line work, which can take several years

– There are no sensors with which the device becomes suitable for sports training and health tracking

9. Garmin Vivoactive 3 (from 19 thousand rubles)

This smart watch from Garmin boasts a solid appearance and a full range of features, modern in 2020. Stainless steel case and 1.2-inch touchscreen covered with mineral glass. Vivoactive 3 has all the sensors that can make a real fitness tracker out of strict men’s watches. NFC supports contactless payments, and the built-in memory allows you to use the watch as a wireless player.

+ Contactless payment
+ Advanced sports software

– High price

10. Nokia Steel HR 40mm (from 12 thousand rubles)

The Finnish-Chinese manufacturer offers for men a rather impressive 40mm smart watch, made in a classic form with arrows and a dial. It is supplemented by a small OLED screen, which displays notifications from the phone, as well as the pulse of the owner. Nokia Steel HR are ready to work with Android and iOS, but without any frills – you will not find either NFC or a player in them. But on a single charge, they will be able to work out as much as 600 hours.

+ Affordable price
+ Combined dial with display

– Scratch-resistant glass

How to choose a smart watch

When buying a smart watch, you need to focus not only on the appearance, but also on such non-obvious characteristics as autonomy. For a person who has never used wearable electronics, recharging a new watch every day can be a shock. “KP” gives advice to customers how to choose a men’s smart watch.


If you are not going to take your watch off your hands for weeks and do dirty work in it, then characteristics such as case materials, coating of the display or dial, and waterproofness come to the fore. Touch screens should have a good oleophobic coating, like your smartphone. The metal casing can survive the shock, and water resistance has various classes. Some can protect against splashes, while others will calmly survive an immersion in the sea.

Health Tracking and Sports Features

Devices on the market can conditionally be divided into two categories. Some may track your physical condition, while others may not. If this function is important for you, then pay attention to the accuracy of the built-in heart rate monitor. Some of the models have thermometers and, even, can make an electrocardiogram of the heart.

Dial or screen

If you are attracted to the “classic”, then some manufacturers are ready to offer smart watches with a classic dial. Usually, they have a long time. But, for example, watching the weather or listening to music from them will not work. Technology on the display side. AMOLED matrices, which are installed in the flagship watches of Samsung, Apple and Fitbit, are considered the best on the market.


The GPS module in a smart watch is not only the ability to use devices as a navigator. And to whom it would come to mind to navigate on a small screen. In smart watches, GPS and other navigation systems have a different purpose. for example, to record the track of your morning run.


Many of the smartwatch models that have all modern sensors and wireless interfaces onboard require recharging literally every day. For example, a watch from Apple. If this seems uncomfortable to you, then there are devices on the market that can run on a single charge for several weeks.

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