The best women’s smart watch 2020

A watch is not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful device that can help you monitor your health. KP talks about the best women’s smart watches that you can buy in 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (from 11 thousand rubles)

The first thing that catches your eye in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is how smooth and modern it looks. The device comes in four colors: black, silver, rose gold and green, with matching silicone stripes. The 1.1-inch AMOLED display has a clear resolution of 360×360, and since the Gorilla Glass case bends slightly from above, the watch is slightly similar to the Apple Watch, only with a round face.

Samsung claims that its 230 mAh battery lasts several days without recharging. The processor with a clock frequency of 1.15 GHz is running Tizen OS 4.0, which means that the user will get a fairly fast, responsive performance And, of course, with the help of an accelerometer, gyroscope, you can track activity and heart rate. In addition, thanks to water resistance up to a depth of 50 m, you can track your progress in swimming. And since the device also supports wireless charging, there’s nothing to worry about.

 Nice design Performance

– Not the best battery life

2. Fitbit Versa (from 12 thousand rubles)

An inexpensive alternative to watches from Samsung and Apple are both a qualified fitness tracker and smart watches compatible with iOS and Android. By connecting Fitbit Versa to a smartphone, the user will receive all calls, messages and notifications, and will also monitor things like heart rate, sleep, menstrual cycle and activity.

The battery will last about three days without recharging, which is an exceptional indicator when compared with the Apple Watch, and disappointing when compared with other Fitbit models. But if you don’t need to charge the watch, you can probably never take it off, because it is completely waterproof: carry it in the shower or in the pool, and also sleep comfortably with it.

+ Price
+ Good battery life

– Performance

3. Apple Watch Series 5 (from 33 thousand rubles)

It seems that everyone knows about the main feature of the new watch – everything is the constantly-on Retina display. Otherwise, they’re quite ordinary smart watches – they can measure heart rate, set up notifications about too low and high heart rates, and monitor different types of workouts.

Special activity rings show progress and inspire you to move more, as well as compete with friends and compare achievements. There is a built-in compass and altimeter, as well as an installed App Store, in which you can quickly find and download applications.

This watch allows you to call, chat and listen to music, as well as pay for purchases using Apple Pay. If anything, you can always turn to the voice assistant – he will find all the information on the Internet, determine the name of the song using Shazam, turn on the desired workout or turn off the light in the room.

+ Beautiful design
+ Very productive

– Price

4. MICHAEL KORS Access Bradshaw (from 18 thousand rubles)

Most smartwatches are mainly for techies and fitness enthusiasts. Their design, although sleek and functional, does not always fit with an evening dress. But the Michael Kors Access watch allows you to stay connected and be stylish. Their 1.4-inch display with a resolution of 320×290 supports the Snapdragon 2100 processor, 4 GB of memory and a 360 mAh battery.

This model does not have a heart rate monitor, which has become a pillar in other smart watches, but this fashionable thing should not be confused with a fitness tracker. It is running Wear OS 2.0, and with the Michael Kors Access app you can easily customize your watch face.

+ Stylish design
+ Large display

– Lack of functionality

5. FOSSIL Gen 3 Smartwatch Q Venture (from 21 thousand rubles)

The choice of watches can be an important decision, it is especially planned to pay a lot of money for them. But with the Fossil Q Venture, you can change the style as soon as you get bored.

The device allows you to change the watch dial with just a few taps, as well as add new straps. In general, the design is quite compact and lightweight, with a 42 mm round end and a fixed frame. The watch is charged wirelessly through a small magnetic disk that attaches to the bottom of the watch, and one charge will last about 24 hours, depending on use.

Inside, the device is equipped with a Snapdragon 2100 processor, in combination with 512 MB of RAM, which is not as good as the others on this list, but still should work without failures. The watch does not have a heart rate monitor, which means that it will not be the best friend for training, and the lack of NFC means that you can not use Android Pay. However, the watch tracks activity and allows you to view messages and notifications.

+ Convenient use
+ Nice design

– No NFC

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm (from 16 thousand rubles)

A beautiful and elegant model of women’s smart watches is designed for a thin wrist. The design also did not disappoint – a stainless steel case with a coating, a rotary bezel and a hypoallergenic silicone bracelet. The 1.18-inch diagonal touch screen is Super AMOLED. The watch allows you to connect to devices on Android and iOS. The Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC interfaces will provide the owner with all the wireless technology. Built-in 4 GB memory allows you to listen to music from the watch during fitness and walking. By the way, the device also has moisture protection, thanks to which you can take a shower in the watch.

+ Excellent appearance
+ High functionality

– Short runtime

7. Garmin Vivomove HR Premium (from 23 thousand rubles)

Women’s smart watch from the famous manufacturer of wearable electronics Garmin. The metal case goes well with a leather bracelet. The Garmin Vivomove boasts a classic design and dial. In addition to it, there is also an 0.38-inch OLED screen, which displays notifications and data from sensors. By the way, these women’s smart watches can monitor the level of stress of the hostess. They can work with devices on Android, iOS and Windows.

+ Classic appearance, which successfully fits into any image
+ Advanced physiology monitoring system

– Small OLED screen, notification problems may occur

8. Amazfit Bip (from 4 thousand rubles)

One of the most affordable women’s smart watches on the market is a product of Amazfit of the Chinese company Xiaomi. This watch will appeal to someone who leads an active lifestyle, but does not want to overpay for a brand or unnecessary functions. Indeed, Bip can boast the necessary functionality for smart watches in 2020: GPS, notifications from a smartphone and a unique transflective display. On one charge, the watch can work up to 35 days, which is especially like forgetful ladies. And also, Amazfit Bip work together with the convenient MiFit application, which is known to many fans of fitness bracelets.

+ Affordable price
+ Long run time on a single charge

– Plastic case and lack of player function

9. Huawei TalkBand B3 Classic (from 7 thousand rubles)

The manufacturer himself calls TalkBand B3 a smart bracelet, but he can perfectly fulfill the role of a smart women’s watch. After all, it resembles a miniature watch so much – anodized metal and a leather bracelet only emphasize this similarity. The device is able to track the phases of sleep, measure the pulse, distance traveled and calculate the number of calories burned. All information is displayed on the touch OLED display. In addition, this smart women’s watch has a completely unique function – they can work in Bluetooth-headset mode.

+ Appearance will please the fair sex
+ Ability to work as a Bluetooth-headset

– A small screen may seem uninformative

10. Fitbit Ionic (from 16 thousand rubles)

Spectacular smart women’s watches from the California manufacturer of fitness gadgets. And they can offer the buyer almost all the options of a modern wearable device. Large touch screen covered with tempered glass; sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, light sensor, built-in heart rate monitor. All this in a case ready to withstand showering and swimming. And Fitbit Ionic can store a music collection.

+ All modern technologies in a stylish case
+ Moisture protection

– Contactless payments of this model do not work in Russia

How to choose a smart watch

When choosing a smart watch for women, I want to see not only a functional device, but also a stylish accessory. “KP” gives advice to customers how to choose a smart watch for a woman.


Of course, as an accessory, women’s smart watches should have a modern and attractive design. There are two main materials that are used in the cases of these devices – metal and plastic. Water resistance is preferred due to which it can be carried out. If you chose a model with a touch screen, then it should be covered with glass with an oleophobic coating, for better sliding of your fingers on it.

Health Tracking and Sports Features

If you want to monitor your health, count the number of kilometers traveled and calories burned, then better pay attention to the models of women’s smart watches that can do this. Some of the models have thermometers and, even, can make an electrocardiogram of the heart.

Dial or screen

If you are attracted to the “classic”, then some manufacturers are ready to offer smart watches with a classic dial. Usually, they have a long time. But, for example, watching the weather or listening to music from them will not work. Technology on the display side. AMOLED matrices, which are installed in the flagship watches of Samsung, Apple and Fitbit, are considered the best on the market.


Another useful feature for sports and fitness lovers is GPS. You will not be guided by it, this module will record the exact track of your workout or walk. Or, be able to measure the speed of your run.


It is unlikely that any of the ladies will want to constantly think and charge their watches, because one smartphone is enough. Therefore, pay attention to battery life on a single charge. For example, the Apple Watch will ask you to “eat” electricity literally every day. And record models can work up to a month.

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