Smart watches are not in vain bear such a name, because their functionality is much wider than ordinary ticking accessories. Need more details? The capabilities of smart watches, their application, configuration and differences from fitness bracelets will be discussed later.

Smart watches – what is it?

Smart watches can be compared with smartphones , only the first are more compact and have their own characteristics. 

If the first models of watch phones were only able to be calculators or translators, then the current devices are PC wearable. Gadgets support the installation of third-party utilities, controlled by mobile OS. These may include a camera, thermometer, barometer, compass, phone, GPS, and many other useful things.

 Smart watch versatility

The principle of operation of smart watches

Chasophones, by analogy with other computers , collect information using external or built-in sensors. These sensors can control and receive information using various tools. Devices support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS. The received information is displayed in the form of information on the screen. 

The watch can work independently or in conjunction with smartphones. Most often on sale you can find models on the development OS of Google or Apple. 

What smart watches can do: features and functions 

The arsenal of smart watch skills depends on the manufacturer, model, year of manufacture (the newer, the greater the variety of options awaiting the user) and price.

Main functions:

  1. Duplication of SMS / emails from the phone to smart watch. You can open, read and even reply to messages (voice or using the on-screen mini-keyboard) without using smart. Very convenient, for example, in a crowded minibus or at work.
  2. Observation of physical activity. It is because of this option that watchphones are often compared to fitness bracelets. In smart chronometers, there is a pedometer, the ability to check the pulse, pressure, monitor the quality of sleep, etc. For example, all of the above is in the Gear Sport SM-R600 Black.
  3. Determining the location of the user. Perhaps thanks to the built-in GPS sensor, or data from a smartphone synchronized with smart watch. Helps not to get lost in an unfamiliar area. By the way, in children’s devices using GPS, parents can track the movements of the child.
  4. Answer / reset call. Phone calls can be transferred to the smart-Watch, for example, MTF02FS / A . You can answer the caller or reject the call.
  5. Manage music tracks. It is possible to scroll through the compositions, adjust the sound volume. You can control the music that sounds from the phone, or create a separate music library in the watch’s memory.

In addition, the watch phones allow you to quickly work with a calculator, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and even watch videos. You can also activate “reminders” of important events. A variety of applications installed on smart watch will help expand the functionality.

Unique Smart Watch Features

What smart watches can do, in addition to standard options:

  1. Anti-loss – a good watch phone will definitely remind the owner of a forgotten phone, it only costs him to move a certain number of meters from the smart. By activating the phone search option, you can find the “loss” (the function is, for example, in the GARMIN Fenix ​​5X ). True, the range is not so large and, for example, on the street you can’t hear the sound of a smart, but for home search the option is very useful.
  2. Calls / messages to the SIM card smart watch. In K20BK and similar gadgets there is a place for a separate SIM card . Thus, you can call or write directly to the clock phone, without being tied to the phone. Convenient, especially if the device is purchased for a child. 
  3. The signal about the removal of the chronometer from the hand. Again, the desired function in children’s models . Unbeknownst to parents, the child will not be able to remove and leave the appliance at home, at school or elsewhere.
  4. The ability to “dive” under the water. You can swim with some watch phones. For example, with MNPQ2 it is allowed to swim fully.
  5. NFC Contactless payments are now available not only on smartphones. Some smart watches also have a similar chip and can be used to pay for purchases or services.

This list can be expanded many times, because each brand tries to uniqueize its watch phone, add some kind of chip. For example, “apple” devices of the 4th series can determine the user’s fall, and, if there was no movement, initiate an emergency call.

What smartphones can smart watches work with?

The accessory is synchronized with phones on various OSs: Android, iOS, etc. In the characteristics of the gadget there is always a mention of compatibility with one or more OS. For example, the settings for Watch GT Black indicate compatibility with Android / iOS.

To connect a wrist device and a smart on Android, you will need to install additional utilities on your phone (Wear OS by Google, BTNotification or others). 

Nuance : Some smart watches can only be connected to 1 smart. If you need to reconnect the accessory, then the smart watch is disconnected from the system of the previous phone. At the same time, you can connect several different smart watches to one smartphone, for example, your own and your child. 

Apple watch and iPhone do not need additional synchronization utilities. Preparation includes only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activation on devices. Information on further actions of the user is on the official website of the brand.

Apple Watch can also be “tied” to an Android device. But for this you will need to install additional utilities. Such as BLE Utility for hours and Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS on the phone.

The reverse action is also possible: synchronize smart watch on Android and iPhone. But here, for starters, you need to pair smart watches and an Android phone, and only then, using special programs, connect the watch on Android Wear and iPhone.

Note: The full functionality of Apple Watch will be revealed only in conjunction with the “apple” gadgets.

Can a smart watch work without a smartphone?

Quite possible. For example, watch phones with a SIM card. Here the functionality of the smartwatch is complete, and there is the ability to call, write directly to the chronometer. Similar smart watches can be synchronized with a mobile device. At the same time, they successfully function without it.

Of course, pairing with the phone will significantly expand the functionality of the watch. But if the user has enough built-in functions, you can buy a smart watch as a separate accessory.

What is the difference between a smart watch and a fitness bracelet?

Both wrist accessories have a similar design: strap + display. Both can count calories, steps, measure heart rate, monitor sleep quality, etc. Why then need a smart watch if there are cheaper fitness trackers ?

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