The market always has an insatiable need to introduce new products and improve existing models, especially when it comes to electronic technology. There are many devices that arouse the curiosity and euphoria of young people and lovers of this niche and, currently, the trend is a digital wristwatch that has attracted a lot of attention. However, some people still don’t know what smartwatch is.

Basically, it is a “smart” watch, introducing smartphone functions in a simple way and reduced to a small display, connected via bluetooth. That is, they are not only used to set the time and date, they now also facilitate the daily lives of thousands of people.

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As expected, the goal of technological innovations is linked to practicality and time optimization, through our gadgets. Check out the advantages offered by the smartwatch below.


A great benefit that this accessory brings is having some exclusive applications. This contributes to a better use of the smartphone.

To think that many of the applications can be accessed through the clock is also to think about security , especially in overcrowded urban centers.


Just the fact that you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket or pick it up to answer an important message or access a document quickly, is enough reason to purchase one of these. This brings unimaginable comfort to the user.

Also, you can access social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram posts and, of course, Whastapp is also included.


It seems irrelevant to discuss aesthetics and convenience, but it is not. If it is larger than the consumer’s pulse, for example, it can cause discomfort and even unnecessary overweight.

In addition, if it is difficult to handle and use, the manufacturer is at risk of losing sales. It is important to say that the smartwatch is specially made to adapt to any style, in order to become very versatile and can be used in various environments and occasions.


Those that have black and white screens bring an autonomy of approximately 4 to 5 days. The watches with color screen have a maximum durability of 3 days. Anyway, everything will depend on the use you make of the device and the features contained in it, which can increase or decrease battery consumption.

It is worth mentioning that the smartwatch can be charged by cable or magnetically.


Some important brands have already joined the idea and have been standing out in the presentation of the product. Next, see the main ones!


Dubbed by fans and aficionados as “iWatch”, it is committed to greater precision over time, with customization in the format of the time on the screen. In addition, the device is programmed to give a weak vibration to the skin when the user receives notification.


The watch has 315 mAh battery and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, accelerometer, good audio output, voice control and much more. They also have a camera on the strap – but the quality is still low.


They bring music players, physical activity monitoring (totally focused on that) and are thinner and more malleable. They also have sensors similar to the Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch models .

Many consumers who still do not know for sure what a smartwatch is have discussed the question of the values ​​of this device and whether it is really worth the price. In contrast, there are so many features and practicality that they bring, that it is easy to understand why, in the end, it is considered a product with satisfactory cost-benefit.

Want a smartwatch? The most expensive is not always the best for you; understand

Everything was normal in your life until you saw that super tech friend of yours wearing one. Then it was the turn of his cousin and a co-worker. In the end, you were faced with reality: there are more and more people wearing smartwatches, the popular smart watches.

It is natural that you then consider buying a gadget of this type and, when doing so, you come across a large number of options. And I’m not just talking about brands: the options also take into account the type of use to be made of the device, as well as the lifestyle of its buyer. To help you choose, UOL Tecnologia has prepared the guide below. Check out!

First step: mobile phone compatibility

 It is quite likely that, when searching for a smartwatch, you will come across the wonders that the Apple Watch is capable of. The device is one of the most (if not the most) complete on the market and, right away, betting on one of them is a great temptation.

This since, of course, you have an iPhone , since Apple’s smart watch is only compatible with the brand’s smartphones . And the synchronization between the smartwatch and the cell phone is a very important point of the experience with these devices Gadgets from other brands, such as Samsung , work with both Android and iOS phones , however it is advisable to research possible limitations of the apps of these watches according to the operating system.

The most expensive is not always the most useful

For those who play sports, a Mi Band 3 bracelet from Xiaomi, easily found in Brazil for around R $ 200, can be as useful as an Apple Watch 4, from R $ 3,999.

Still in sporting terms, some features of the devices can make a big difference depending on the sport you practice. If you are swimming, for example, a water resistant bracelet or watch is essential – and here we are not talking about splash resistance. Those who run long distances, on the other hand, will probably do well with a device that has a built-in GPS instead of needing to have their cell phone always by their side during exercise.

Brands specializing in smartwatches and sports bracelets, like TomTom and Polar sell their products in Brazil, with prices starting at R $ 800.

Apps count

One of the “graces” of smartwatches and smart bracelets is the apps that come with them . Whoever uses an Apple Watch doesn’t have much to look at in that sense, since the native iPhone app is what will be used. On the other hand, those who bet on devices from other manufacturers will have to deal with this issue, since there are profound differences between apps from different brands. It is often advisable to download apps before purchasing the device and check its functionality.

Hybrid or “root” smartwatch?

 Some more traditional or luxury brands offer so-called hybrid smartwatches , which are nothing more than traditional watches, with a hand mechanism, but with Bluetooth connectivity and some “smart” functions, such as step counter.

In general, they are devices that are more for “conventional watches with additional functions” than, properly, for smart watches. The main attraction of these devices is the long battery life, one of the weaknesses of most smartwatches. On the other hand, they tend not to fully serve those looking for a device with a large number of functions.


 Although not as sensitive as seen on smartphones or computers, some details of the specifications of smartwatches deserve your attention.

 In general, devices from more traditional and reputable manufacturers tend not to have problems or “gagging” in performance, something problematic for the practice of sports, for example.

Another point that deserves attention is the type of interface. Watches that can only be controlled by a touchscreen are not ideal for sports, while any option that can be controlled only through a physical interface (buttons, for example) may not be as practical for everyday use.

Watch your battery

It is also important to consider the battery. Bigger models, as you might expect, need to be taken at shorter intervals. Samsung, for example, reports that the Galaxy Watch battery lasts about 45 hours in normal use, just under two days. Apple points 18h duration to the battery of Apple Watch 4, however it depends a lot on the use.

 On the other hand, models aimed at sports and smart bracelets are much more frugal in battery consumption. Models like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, for example, can up to 20 days away from the plug.

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